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Application of Different Interval Variable Selectors for Quantification of Spectrally Overlapping Pharmaceuticals by Multivariate CalibrationAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Researchdrug analysis2022  Visit URL
Competitive removal of textile dyes from solution by pine bark-compost in batch and fixed bed column experimentsEnvironmental Technology & Innovationcompost and water treatment 2022  Visit URL
Interaction Influence of Contact Time and pH on Cobalt Retention by Carbon Nanotubes Bearing Various Loads of TiO2 and Fe3O4current analytical chemistryAnalytical chemistry2022  Visit URL
Optimization of Direct Blue 71 sorption by organic rich-compost following multilevel multifactor experimental designArabian Journal of Chemistry composts preparation and water treatment by adsorption2022  Visit URL
Application of interval wavelength selection by iterative space shrinkage approach iVISSA for spectroscopic quantification of spectrally overlapping food preservatives by multivariate calibrationJournal of Food Measurement and Characterizationfood analysis2022  Visit URL
Interval wavelength selection and simultaneous quantification of spectrally overlapping food colorants by multivariate calibrationJournal of Food Measurement and Characterizationfood analysis2021  Visit URL
Use of citric acid and garlic extract to inhibit Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes in hummusInternational Journal of Food MicrobiologyFood Safety2021  Visit URL
Spectroscopic quantifiication of preservatives in different food matrices using QuEChERS extraction and multivariate calibration with comparison against liquid chromatographyArabian Journal of Chemistryanalysis of food preservatives2021  Visit URL
Extraction and fractionation of organic matters from Jordanian-origin oil shale under different operational parametersPetroleum Science and TechnologyEnvironmental chemistry2021  Visit URL
Industrial Applications of Chemically Modified Natural Kaolinitic ClayClay Researchclay chemistry2021  Visit URL
Comparison of the sorption capacity of basic, acid, direct and reactive dyes by compost in batch conditionsJournal of Environmental Managementapplication of composts2021  Visit URL
Assessment of Structure, Dielectric and Gamma-Shielding Properties of Chemically Treated Natural Kaolinite ClayIranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineeringphysical and thermal properties 2021  Visit URL
Accurate Quantification of Amoxicillin in Different Drug Formulations using Advanced Chemometric MethodsJordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciencesdrug analysis2020  Visit URL
Linear discriminant analysis based on gas chromatographic measurements for geographical prediction of USA medical domestic cannabisActa ChromatographicaGC analysis2020  Visit URL
Rapid and reliable chromatograhic method to monitor coloring agents in highly consumed beveragesJournal of Food Processing and Preservationfood analysis2020  Visit URL
Comprehensive chromatographic profiling of cannabis from 23 USA States marketed for medical purposesActa Chromatographicacinematographic analysis2020  Visit URL
Competitive extraction of Li, Na, K, Mg and Ca ions from acidified aqueous solutions into chloroform layer containing diluted alkyl phosphatesJournal of Colloid and Interface Scienceliquid extraction2020  Visit URL
Development of industrially viable geopolymers from treated petroleum fly ashJournal of Cleaner Productiongeopolymers, waste minimization2020  Visit URL
Robust Multivariate Diagnostics for PLSR and Application on High Dimensional Spectrally Overlapped Drug SystemsJournal of Statistical Computation and SimulationStatistical Computation and Simulation2019  Visit URL
Comprehensive classification of USA cannabis samples based on chemical profiles of major cannabinoids and terpenoidsJournal of Liquid Chromatography & Related TechnologiesChromatography2019  Visit URL
Combination of Cumulative Area Pre-Processing and Partial Least Squares for Handling Intensely Overlapping Binary and Ternary Drug SystemsActa Pharmaceutica Scienciadrug analysis and multivariate calibration2019  Visit URL
Structural characterization of shale oil obtained by Soxhlet extractionenvironmental progress sustainability energyoil shale2019  Visit URL
Studying competitive retention of phthalate esters by humic acid under multi-variable experimental design optimization: Interaction between experimental factorsdesalination and water treatmentpollutants removal2019  Visit URL
Structural characterization of shale oil obtained by Soxhlet extractionEnvironmental progress and sustainable energyoil shale2019  Visit URL
Quick monitoring of coloring agents in highly consumed candies using multivariate calibrationArabian Journal of Chemistryfood analysis2019  Visit URL
Novel application of multivariate standard addition method based on net analyte signal for quantification of artificial sweeteners in complex food matricesJournal of Food Measurement and Characterization,food chemistry2019  Visit URL
Net analyte signal-based methods for the simultaneous determination of paracetamol, propyphenazone and caffeine by UV spectrophotometryBulgarian Chemical Communicationsdrug analysis and multivariate calibration2018  Visit URL
Advanced spectrophotometric chemometric methods for resolving the binary mixture of doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochlorideACTA PHARMACEUTICAdrug analysis and multivariate calibration2018  Visit URL
Mechanistic and Adsorption Equilibrium Studies of Dibenzothiophene-Rich-Diesel on MnO2-Loaded- Activated Carbon: Surface CharacterizationEnvironmental Progress & Sustainable Energydiesel cleaning 2017  Visit URL
Characterization and utilization of solid residues generated upon oil and heat production from carbonate-rich oil shaleEnvironmental Earth Sciencesextraction of oil shale 2017  Visit URL
Assessment of different PLS algorithms for quantification of three spectrally overlapping drugsBulgarian Chemical Communicationsanalytical chemistry2017  Visit URL
Application of Partial Least Squares-Kernel Calibration in Competitive Adsorption Studies Using an Effective Chemically-Activated BiocharCLEAN - Soil, Air, Wateranalysis of complex pollutants in water 2017  Visit URL
Application of Mid-Infrared spectroscopy and PLS-Kernel Calibration for Quick Detection of Pork in High Value Meat MixesJ Food Measurement & Characterisation food analysis by multivariate calibration 2017  Visit URL
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography of Drugs: Parallel Factor Analysis for Column Testing in a Wide Range of Operational ConditionsJournal of Analytical Methods in Chemistryanalytical chemistry2017  Visit URL
Multivariate Analysis of Competitive Adsorption of Food Dyes by Activated Pine Wood. Desalination and Water Treatment adsorption of toxic dyes 2016  Visit URL
Conventional and upcoming sulfur cleaning technologies for petroleum fuel: A Review. Energy Technology sulfur cleaning technologies2016  Visit URL
Quantification of melamine |in milk and dairy products by liquid chromatography after a simple sample clean-up procedureJournal of Food Processing and Preservation food analysis by liquid chromatography2016  Visit URL
Spectrophotometric Determination of Melamine in Liquid Milk by Multivariate Second Order CalibrationCurrent Analytical Chemistry food analysis2016  Visit URL
A novel desulfurization practice based on diesel acidification prior to activated carbon adsorptionKorean J. Chem. Eng.diesel treatment 2015  Visit URL
A Quick Detection of Melamine Adulteration in Milk and Dairy Products using First-Order Multivariate CalibrationJournal of Food Processing and Preservation multivariate calibration and food analysis 2015  Visit URL
Selective Removal of Dibenzothiophene from Commercial Diesel Using Manganese Dioxide Modified Activate Carbon: A Kinetic StudyEnvironmental Technology Diesel cleaning 2015  Visit URL
Influence of Diesel Acidification on Dibenzothiophene Removal: A New Desulfurization PracticeSeparation and Purification Technology Diesel cleaning 2015  Visit URL
Studying Competitive Sorption Behavior of Methylene Blue and Malachite Green using Multivariate CalibrationChemical Engineering JournalMultivariate Calibration2014  Visit URL
Activation of kaolin with minimum solvent consumption by microwave heatingClay Mineralsclay minerals 2014  Visit URL
Solvent extraction of Li+ using organophosphorus ligands in the presence of ammoniaSeparation Science and Technology Li+ extraction 2014  Visit URL
Elucidation of Phosphorous Sorption by Calcareous Soils using Principal Component Analysis.Chemistry and Ecology Phosphorous Sorption 2014  Visit URL
Application of heated date seeds as a novel extractant for diuron from water. Arabian Journal of Chemistry extrcation, pesticides, natural biomass 2013  Visit URL
Spectrophotometric Determination of Food Dyes in Soft Drinks by Second Order Multivariate Calibration of the Absorbance Spectra-pH Data Matrices. Dyes and Pigments food dyes analysis 2013  Visit URL
Moisture and temperature dependence of the dielectric properties of pharmaceutical powdersTherm Anal Calorim thermal analysis 2013  Visit URL
Separation and flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination of total chromium and chromium (III) in phosphate rock used for production of fertilizerTalanta fertilizer analysis 2013  Visit URL
A Simple and accurate analytical method for determination of three commercial dyes in different water systems using partial least squares regressionWater Science and Tecnology wastewater analysis 2012  Visit URL
Determination of higher heating value of petrodiesels using mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometry. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetrydiesel/fuel analysis 2012  Visit URL
Simultaneous determination of five commercial cationic dyes in stream waters using diatomite solid-phase extractant and multivariate calibrationArabian Journal of Chemistry solid-phase extractants & multivariate calibration2012  Visit URL
Extraction and separation of vanadium and nickel from fly ash produced in heavy fuel power plantsChemical Engineering Journal extrcation of heavy metals 2011  Visit URL
Determination of frying quality of vegetable oils used for preparing falafel using infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationFood Analytical methods food analysis 2011  Visit URL
Effect of oxidation and dimensions of MWCNTs on Hg(II) adsorption and preconcentration from real watersDesalination adsorption of heavy metals 2011  Visit URL
Application of chemometrics and FTIR for determination of viscosity index and base number of motor oils Talanta chemometrics and FTIR 2010  Visit URL
Determination of hydrogen content, gross heat of combustion, and net heat of combustion of diesel fuel using FTIR spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationFuel FTIR spectroscopy and multivariate calibration2010  Visit URL
A molecularly imprinted polymer via a salicylaldiminatobased cobalt(III) complex: A highly selective solid-phase extractant for anionic reactive dyes. Journal of Applied Polymer Science molecularly imprinted polymer and dyes 2010  Visit URL
Comparison of LC and Partial Least-Squares Calibration for Analysis of Three Leachable Pesticides in GroundwaterChromatographia separation of dyes 2009  Visit URL
Determination of three dyes in commercial soft drinks using HLA/GO and liquid chromatographyFood Chemistry dyes analysis in food 2009  Visit URL
Simple Spectrophotometric Determination of Reactive Dyes after Preconcentration using Activated CarbonJordan Journal of Chemistry dyes analysis and pre-concentration 2009  Visit URL
Preparation of highly selective solid-phase extractants for Cibacron reactive dyes using molecularly imprinted polymersAnal Bioanal Chemanalysis of dyes 2009  Visit URL
Solid-phase extraction and simultaneous determination of trace amounts of sulphonated and azo sulphonated dyes using microemulsion-modified-zeolite and multivariate calibrationTalanta multivaraite calibration 2008  Visit URL
Deposition of two natural clays on a Pt surface using potentiostatic and spin-coating techniques: a comparative studyClay Mineralselectrochemistry 2008  Visit URL
Effect of solution pH, ionic strength, and temperature on adsorption behavior of reactive dyes on activated carbondyes and pigments dyes removal 2008  Visit URL
Preconcentration and determination of high leachable pesticides residues in water using solid-phase extraction coupled with high-performance liquid chromatographyInternational Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistrypesticides analysis 2008  Visit URL
Determination of motor gasoline adulteration using FTIR spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationTalanta multivaraite calibration 2008  Visit URL
Oxidized activated carbon as support for titanium dioxide in UV-assisted degradation of 3-chlorophenolSeparation and Purification Technology water treatment 2007  Visit URL
Adsorption Behavior of Anionic Reactive Dyes on H-type Activated Carbon: Competitive Adsorption and Desorption StudiesSeparation Science and Technologydyes removal 2007  Visit URL
Effect of dimensions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on its enrichment efficiency of metal ions from environmental watersAnalytica Chimica Actaanalysis of metals 2007  Visit URL
Sorption of Zn(II), Pb(II), and Co(II) using natural sorbents: Equilibrium and kinetic studiesWAT ER RE S E ARCH metals removal 2006  Visit URL