Academic Conferences

Academic PaperYearConfereceProceedings URL
Toxic Metals Distribution and Extraction from Two Forms of Exhausted Oil shale2017Natural Resources: Projected Investment. Reality and Aspirations. The 8th Jordanian International Mining Conference Visit URL
Contribution of chemometric tools to the investigation of toxic metal relationships with some contamination factors2016The 22nd International Scientific Conference The Social Avenues of Research Visit URL
A novel adsorbent based on microemulsion-modified activated carbon for organosulphur compounds adsorption from diesel fuel20103rd International Congress of Environmental Research Visit URL
Enhanced sulphur compounds adsorption from Jordanian diesel fuel by microemulsion-modified activated carbon.201013th Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reductio Visit URL
Enhancing the Sulphur Compounds adsorption from Jordanian Diesel Fuel in the presence of Glacial Acidic Acid20105th Annual International Symposium on Environment Visit URL
Preparation Of A Highly Selective Adsorbent For Toxic Sudan IV Dye Using Imprinted Polymer Technology20094th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ICCE 2009. Visit URL
Selective Electrochemical Detection of Toxic Heavy Metals at Ultra Trace Levels using Natural Clay-Modified-Platinum Electrode20094th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ICCE 2009 Visit URL
Simple microwave and ultrasound assisted digestion procedure of phosphate rock.2009The 9th Jordanian chemical conference. Visit URL
Utilazation of Clay-Modified Electrodes in Electroanalysis of Heavy Metals. (poster)20077th Jordanian chemical conference (organized by the Jordanian Chemical Society) Visit URL
Isothermal and kinetic adsorption behaviour of Pb2+ ions on natural silicate minerals.2005The fourth Jordanian international conference of Chemistry. Visit URL