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The Effect of Structural Changes on the Self-assembly of Novel Green Pyridinium-Carboxylate Gemini Surfactants in Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett FilmsSoft MatterInsoluble Surfactant Monolayers2024  Visit URL
POPs to COFs by Post-modification: CO2 Chemisorption and DissolutionOrganic & Biomolecular ChemistryCO2 capturing and Utilization2024  Visit URL
Green Biobased Sorbents for CO2 CaptureCurrent Opinion in Green and Sustainable ChemistryCO2 capturing2024  Visit URL
Sustainable synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2 using zinc adeninium bromide as a biorenewable catalystInorganica Chimica ActaCO2 utilization catalyzed by Sustainable catalyst 2023  Visit URL
Newly Synthesized Imidazolium Precursors for CO2 Utilization and Sequestration: Aprotic versus Protic SaltsCatalysis Science & TechnologyCO2 Utilization2023  Visit URL
Unconventional CO2-Binding and Catalytic Activity of Urea-Derived HistidinesACS Sustainable Chemistry & EngineeringCO2 capturing and Utilization2022  Visit URL
The Use of Sustainable Transition Metals for the Cycloaddition of Epoxides and CO2 under Mild Reaction ConditionsEuropean Journal of Inorganic ChemistryCO2 Utilization 2022  Visit URL
Green Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Cyclic/Acyclic Ureas from Propylene CarbonateChemistrySelectUrea Synthesis2022  Visit URL
Interfacial Behavior of Modified Nicotinic Acid as Conventional/Gemini SurfactantsLangmuirInsoluble Surfactant monolayers2022  Visit URL
In situ activation of green sorbents for CO2 capture upon end group backbitingPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2022  Visit URL
CS2/CO2 Utilization Using Mukaiyama Reagent as a (Thio)carbonylating Promoter: A Proof-of-Concept StudyACS OmegaCO2 utiliazation2022  Visit URL
CO2 Fixation into Cyclic Carbonates Catalyzed by Single-Site Aprotic Organocatalysts Reaction Chemistry & EngineeringCarbon Dioxide Utilization2022  Visit URL
Activation of ?-Diketones for CO2 Capturing and UtilizationReact. Chem. EngCO2 capture and utilization2021  Visit URL
Mechanistic Insights for CO2 Utilization using Sustainable CatalysisNew J. ChemCO2 utilization2021  Visit URL
Chemisorption of CO2 by diamine-tetraamido macrocyclic motifs: a theoretical studyOrganic and Biomolecular ChemistryCarbon Dioxide Capturing2021  Visit URL
Cross-linked, Porous Imidazolium-based Poly(Ionic Liquid)s for CO2 Capture and UtilisationNew Journal of ChemistryCO2 Capturing & Utilization2021  Visit URL
CO2 activation through C–N, C–O and C–C bond formationPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2020  Visit URL
CO2 Coupling with Epoxides Catalysed by One-pot, in situ Activated Zinc Ascorbate under Ambient ConditionsDalton TransactionsCO2 capture and utilization2020  Visit URL
CO2 Coupling with Epoxides Catalysed by One-pot, in situ Activated Zinc Ascorbate under Ambient ConditionsDalton TransactionsCO2 Capturing & Utilization2020  Visit URL
New Metrics of Green Sorbents for CO2 CapturingAdvanced Sustainable SystemsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2020  Visit URL
The eternal battle to combat global warming: (thio)urea as a CO2 wet scrubbing agentPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2020  Visit URL
Encapsulation of ionic liquids inside cucurbiturilsOrganic and Biomolecular Chemistry Supramolecular Chemistry2020  Visit URL
Morphological and Interaction Characteristics of Surface Active Ionic Liquids and Palmitic Acid in Mixed MonolayersChemPhysChemLangmuir & Langmuir-Blodgett Films2020  Visit URL
Biomaterials for CO2 Harvesting: From Regulatory Functions to Wet Scrubbing ApplicationsACS OmegaCarbon Dioxide Capturing2019  Visit URL
A Catecholamine Neurotransmitter: Epinephrine as a CO2 Wet Scrubbing AgentChemical CommunicationsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2019  Visit URL
High-k Fluoropolymer Gate Dielectric in Electrically Stable Organic Field-Effect TransistorsACS Appl. Mater. InterfacesOrganic Electronic Devices2019  Visit URL
A green sorbent for CO2 capture: alpha-cyclodextrin-based carbonate in DMSO solutionRSC AdvancesCarbon Dioxide Capturing2018  Visit URL
An efficient atom-economical chemoselective CO2 cycloaddition using lanthanum oxide/tetrabutyl ammonium bromideSustainable Energy & FuelsCarbon Dioxide Utilization2018  Visit URL
Inedible saccharides: a platform for CO2 capturingChemical ScienceCarbon Dioxide Sequestration/Utilization2018  Visit URL
Phase-separated surfactant monolayers: Exploiting immiscibility of fluorocarbons andAdvances in Colloid and Interface ScienceInsoluble surfactant monolayers2017  Visit URL
Bis-tris propane in DMSO as a wet scrubbing agent: carbamic acid as a sequestered CO2 speciesNew Journal of ChemistryCarbon Dioxide Sequestration2017  Visit URL
Pentaerythritol-Based Molecular Sorbent for CO2 Capturing: A Highly Efficient Wet Scrubbing Agent Showing Proton Shuttling PhenomenonEnergy & FuelsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2017  Visit URL
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New Insights in the Chemistry of Ionic Alkylorganic Carbonates: A Computational StudyPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsCarbon Dioxide Capturing2017  Visit URL
Development of low band gap molecular donors with phthalimide terminal groups forDyes and Pigmentsorganic photovoltaic2016  Visit URL
An Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Capture by Chitin Acetate/DMSO Binary SystemCarbohydrate PolymersCO2 Capturing2016  Visit URL
Chitin-Acetate/DMSO as a Supramolecular Green CO2-Phile RSC AdvancesCO2 chemistry2016  Visit URL
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