Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
A financial Stability Index forJournal of Central Banking Theory and PracticeFinancial Stability and Central Banking2021 Paper Url
Price Limits and Stock Returns Volatility in Jordanian BanksInternational Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance (IJMEF)Financial Economics2009 Paper Url
Stock Market Returns,Volatility and Volatility Persistence: Evidence from Emerging MarketsJordan Journal of Business AdministrationFinancial Economics2006 Paper Url
Financial Development and Economic Growth: a new Empirical Evidence from the MENA Countries,1989-200Applied Econometrics and International DevelopmentFinancial Development2006 Paper Url
“The Size Effect Reversal in the U.S. Stock Market”,Applied Financial EconomicsStock Market Effeciancy2005 Paper Url
Pre-Holiday Returns in JordanDerasat, Jordan UniversityInformation Effeciancy2005 Paper Url
Oil Price Shock and the Stock Market: Evidence from Amman Stock MarketJordan Journal of Business AdministrationFinancial Markets2005 Paper Url
Are Stock Returns Mean Reverting? The Case of Jordan (Evidence Using Bootstrap and GLS Randomization TechniquesDerastat, Jordan UniversityStock Market Effeciancy2005 Paper Url
Effect of Oil Price Shocks in the U.S for 1985-2004 Using VAR, Mixed Dynamic and Granger Causality ApproachesApplied Econometrics and International DevelopmentFinancial Economics2005 Paper Url
The Adjustments of Stock Prices to Information about Inflation: Evidence Form MENA CountriesApplied Economic LettersInformation Effeciancy2005 Paper Url
Transaction cost and the small stock puzzle: the impact of outliers in the NYSEInternational Journal of Applied Econometrics and Quantitative StudiesFinancial Anomalies2004 Paper Url
The Output Effect of Monetary policy in Jordan: Using VAR ModelDerasat, Jordan UniversityBank Credit Channels2004 Paper Url
The Daily Stock Return Patterns in Emerging Stock MarketsJournal of Economic CorporationAnomalies and Market Effeciancy2004 Paper Url
Stock Returns, Inflation and Real Output in an Emerging Stock Market: The Case of JordanGlobal Journal of Finance and EconomicsStock Market Effeciancy, Emerging Stock Markets2004 Paper Url