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Rank : Professor
Office : Math 316
Phone :
E-Mail : masafi@hu.edu.jo
Major : Mathematics
Research Interests: More
Scopus H-Index: 10
Google H-Index: 12
Clarivate H-Index: 10

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I am an Associate   Professor in the Department of Mathematics, The Hashemite University. I received  my Ph.D. degree  from University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada). My main research interests are in (i) Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, (ii)  Differential equations and (iii) Mathematical Biology.

Current courses:

Math203 Ordinary Differential Equations 1:

Review Problems: Chapter 2 , Chapter 4, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

First Exam:            for location come to my office      Sample 
Solution for the first exam 2012-2013

Second Exam:         Sample
solution for second exam 2012-2013
Final Exam:  ٍ


Math 304 Partial Differential Equations: 


Review Problems:  S-L BVP        Fourier Series   Separation1   

 Separation2 Integral Transformations   Tables

First Exam:        Sample

Second Exam:     Sample

Final Exam: TBA

Math 401 Advanced Calculus:

problems: problem set1     problem set2       problem set3   

 problem set4  problem set5  problem set6   problem set7 

problem set8     problem set9    problem set10    Problem set 11

Problem set 12    problem set 13  problem set 14  problem set 15

Problem set 16    problem set 17    problem set 18 extra problem1 

 extra problems 2


First Exam:

Second Exam:

Final Exam:



Old courses:

Math 201 Calculus III:


First Exam:       Sample

Second Exam:   Sample

Final Exam:

Ordinary Differential Equations 2:
Calculus III
Calculus I

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Fourth Annual PNRMS Meeting 2010 at University of Manitoba Canad 2010.


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