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The use of new class a-amino nitrile modified magnetic adsorbents for removal of Cd(II) from aqueous medium: Sorbent modification vs. aamino nitrile addition to the adsorption mediumEmerging ContaminantsChemistry2024  Visit URL
A new hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent composed of menthol and tris(2- ethylhexyl ) phosphate for solvent bar microextraction of parabens from biological fluidsEmerging ContaminantsBioanalysis2024  Visit URL
A new approach for determination of urinary 8-hydroxy-20-deoxyguanosine in cancer patients using reinforced solid/liquid phase microextraction combined with HPLC-DADActa ChromatographicaCancer biomarker analysis2023  Visit URL
Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in water: Evaluating the performance of TiO2/activated carbon vs. using a mixture of TiO2 and activated carbonWater CycleEnvironmental Analysis2023  Visit URL
Application of physical vapor deposition technology for practical utilization of nano?size copper oxide for lead uptake from solution: kinetics, equilibrium, and recycling studiesEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research analytical chemistry 2023  Visit URL
Eco?friendly solvent bar microextraction based on a natural deep eutectic solvent and multivariate optimization for simultaneous determination of spironolactone and canrenone in urine and plasma samples Environmental Science and Pollution ResearchPharmaceutical Analysis2023  Visit URL
Electric impedance investigation with inductive behavior of multiwalled carbon nanotubes doped with variable loadings of magnetiteJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics physical properties of compounds2023  Visit URL
Hydrophobic natural deep eutectic-solvent bar microextraction combined with HPLC-DAD for determination of urinary 1- hydroxypyrene of smokersEmerging ContaminantsEnvironmental Analysis2023  Visit URL
Partially pyrolyzed-non-activated olive stones: Characterization and utilization of olive stones partially-pyrolyzed at various temperatures for 2-chlorophenol removal from waterEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2023  Visit URL
The use of various magnetic adsorbents for cadmium uptake from dyes-containing wastewaterEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2023  Visit URL
Simultaneous determination of furosemide and carbamazepine in biological matrices by solvent bar microextraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography–diode array detector and central composite designBiomedical ChromatographyPharmaceuticals analysis2022  Visit URL
Cd(II) removal from phenols-bearing wastewater using magnetic carbon nanotubesEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2022  Visit URL
Effect of co-presence of NSAIDs with cadmium: i) evaluation of NSAID-bearing water for washing Cd from soil, ii) Cd removal from NSAID-bearing water using magnetic graphene oxideEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2022  Visit URL
Solvent bar microextraction combined with HPLC-DAD and multivariate optimization for simultaneous determination of three antiarrhythmic drugs in human urine and plasma samplesTalanta OpenPharmaceuticals analysis2022  Visit URL
Interaction Influence of Contact Time and pH on Cobalt Retention by Carbon Nanotubes Bearing Various Loads of TiO2 and Fe3O4current analytical chemistryAnalytical chemistry2022  Visit URL
Cd(II) removal from amino acids-bearing wastewater: Critical evaluation and comparison of using magnetic carbon nanotubes vs. magnetiteEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2022  Visit URL
Structural and Dielectric Investigations on Pure and Doped Triglycine Sulfate (TGS) CrystalsJordan Journal of Physicsmaterial physics2022  Visit URL
Interval wavelength selection and simultaneous quantification of spectrally overlapping food colorants by multivariate calibrationJournal of Food Measurement and CharacterizationAnalytical chemistry2021  Visit URL
Cu(II) biosorption by living biofilms: Isothermal, chemical, physical and biological evaluationJournal of environmental managementAnalytical chemistry2021  Visit URL
Development of Dioctyl Phthalate@Fe3O4 Nanocomposite Reinforced Hollow Fiber Solid/ Liquid Phase Microextraction Followed by HPLC-DAD for the Determination of Atorvastatin and Gemfibrozil in Human UrinePharmaceutical NanotechnologyPharmaceuticals analysis2021  Visit URL
Factorial investigation of cobalt retention by Ti and Fe oxides modified carbon nanotubes: Multivariate against univariate analysisFrontiers in ChemistryAnalytical chemistry2021  Visit URL
Magnetic solid-phase extraction of metal ions: comparison of adding Schiff base to the extraction medium vs. magnetite modification with Schiff baseJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
Magnetic solid phase extraction of phthalate products from bottled, injectable and tap waters using graphene oxide: effect of oxidation method of grapheneJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
Cadmium removal from organic acid-bearing soil-washing water by magnetic biosorption: Effect of various factors and adsorption isothermal studyJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
The Biosorption of Mercury by Permeable Pavement Biofilms in Stormwater AttenuationScience of The Total EnvironmentAnalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
Accurate Quantification of Amoxicillin in Different Drug Formulations using Advanced Chemometric MethodsJordan Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesAnalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
Adsorption and magnetic solid-phase extraction of NSAIDs from pharmaceutical wastewater using magnetic carbon nanotubes: Effect of sorbent dimensions, magnetite loading and competitive adsorption studyEnvironmental Technology & InnovationAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Adsorption and magnetic solid-phase extraction of cadmium and lead using magnetite modified with schiff basesJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Effect of varying deposition conditions of magnetite on sawdust on the physiochemical properties of the prepared compositesJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced into Hollow Fiber by Chitosan Sol-gel for Solid/Liquid Phase Microextraction of NSAIDs from Urine Prior to HPLC-DAD AnalysisCurrent Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Magnetic solid phase extraction of cadmium and lead from water prior to FAAS determination: Which is better? Sorbent modification with organic acids or adding organic acids to the extraction mediumJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Quick monitoring of coloring agents in highly consumed candies using multivariate calibrationArabian Journal of ChemistryAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Combination of Cumulative Area Pre- Processing and Partial Least Squares for Handling Intensely Overlapping Binary and Ternary Drug SystemsACTA Pharmaceutica ScienciaAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Preparation of magnetic biosorbents based on Cypress wood that was pretreated by heating or TiO2 depositionIndustrial crops and productsAnalytical Chemistry2019  Visit URL
Immobilization of citric acid and magnetite on sawdust for competitive adsorption and extraction of metal ions from environmental watersJournal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringAnalytical Chemistry2018  Visit URL
Application of Partial Least Squares-Kernel Calibration in Competitive Adsorption Studies Using an Effective Chemically Activated BiocharClean - Soil, Air, Wateranalytical chemistry2017  Visit URL
Quantification of melamine in milk and dairy products by liquid chromatography after a simple sample clean-up procedureJournal of Food Processing and Preservationanalytical chemistry2017  Visit URL
Conventional and upcoming sulfur-cleaning technologies for petroleum fuel: a reviewEnergy Technologyanalytical chemistry2016  Visit URL
Spectrophotometric determination of melamine in liquid milk by multivariate second order calibrationCurrent Analytical Chemistryanalytical chemistry2016  Visit URL
A quick detection of melamine adulteration in milk and dairy products using first-order multivariate calibrationJournal of Food Processing and Preservationanalytical chemistry2015  Visit URL
Development of a new method for determination of aluminum (Al) in Jordanian foods and drinks: Solid phase extraction and adsorption of Al3+-D-mannitol on carbon nanotubesJournal of Food Composition and Analysisanalytical chemistry2014  Visit URL
Improving the adsorption efficiency of phenolic compounds into olive wood biosorbents by pre-washing with organic solvents: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic aspectsJournal of Environmental ManagementEnvironmental sciences2013  Visit URL
Spectrophotometric Determination of Food Dyes in Soft Drinks by Second Order Multivariate Calibration of the Absorbance Spectra-pH Data MatricesDyes and PigmentsAnalytical chemistry2013  Visit URL
Separation and flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination of total chromium and chromium (III) in phosphate rock used for production of fertilizerTalantaAnalytical chemistry2013  Visit URL
Application of heated date seeds as a novel extractant for diuron from waterArabian Journal of ChemistryAnalytical chemistry2013  Visit URL
Partial pyrolysis of olive wood to improve its sorption of chlorophenols and nitrophenolsInternational Journal of Environmental Science and TechnolologyEnvironmental sciences2013  Visit URL
Solid phase extraction and uptake properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes of different dimensions towards some nitro-phenols and chloro-phenols from waterInternational Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistryanalytical chemistry2012  Visit URL
A simple and accurate analytical method for determination of three commercial dyes in differentwater systems using partial least squares regressionWater Science & TechnologyAnalytical chemistry2012  Visit URL
Effect of oxidation and geometrical dimensions of carbon nanotubes on Hg(II) sorption and preconcentration from real watersDesalinationanalytical chemistry2011  Visit URL
Preparation of an efficient sorbent by washing then pyrolysis of olive wood for simultaneous solid phase extraction of chloro-phenols and nitro-phenols from waterTalantaanalytical chemistry2011  Visit URL
Recent applications of carbon nanotubes in solid phase extraction and preconcentration: a review, Jordan Journal of Chemistryanalytical chemistry2011  Visit URL
Bio-separation, speciation and determination of chromium in water using partially pyrolyzed olive pomace sorbentBioresource Technologyanalytical chemistry2011  Visit URL
Simultaneous determination of pesticides at trace levels in water using multiwalled carbon nanotubes as solid phase extractant and multivariate calibrationJournal of Hazardous Materialsanalytical chemistry2009  Visit URL
Partially-pyrolyzed olive pomace sorbent of high permeability for preconcentration of metals from environmental watersJournal of Hazardous Materialsanalytical chemistry2009  Visit URL
Effect of solution pH, ionic strength, and temperature on adsorption behavior of reactive dyes on activated carbonDyes and Pigmentswater treatment2008  Visit URL
Effect of oxidation of activated carbon on its enrichment efficiency of metal ions: Comparison with oxidized and non-oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubesTalantaAnalytical chemistry2008  Visit URL
Critical evaluation and comparison of enrichment efficiency of multi-walled carbon nanotubes, C18 silica and activated carbon towards some pesticides from environmental watersTalantaAnalytical chemistry2008  Visit URL
Effect of solution pH, ionic strength, and temperature on adsorption behavior of reactive dyes on activated carbonDyes and pigmentsPhysical Chemistry, Surface Chemistry2008  Visit URL
Sorption of Trace Metals on Fish Scales and Application for Lead and Cadmium Pre-concentration with Flame Atomic Absorption DeterminationJordan Journal of ChemistryAnalytical chemistry2008  Visit URL
Solid phase extraction and simultaneous determination of trace amounts of sulphonated and azosulphonated dyes using microemulsion-modified-zeolite and multivariate calibrationTalantaAnalytical chemistry2008  Visit URL
Effect of dimensions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on its enrichment efficiency of metal ions from environmental watersAnalytica Chimica ActaAnalytical chemistry2007  Visit URL
Adsorption behavior of anionic reactive dyes on H-type activated carbon: competitive adsorption and desorption studiesSeparation Science & TechnologyAnalytical chemistry2007  Visit URL
A rapid and simple microwave-assisted digestion procedure for spectrophotometric determination of titanium dioxideTalantaAnalytical chemistry2007  Visit URL
Effect of oxidation and dimensions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on solid phase extraction and enrichment of some pesticides from environmental waters prior to their simultaneous determinationJournal of Chromatography AAnalytical chemistry2007  Visit URL
Oxidized activated carbon as support for titanium dioxide in UV-assisted degradation of 3-chlorophenolSeparation & Purification Technologywater treatment2007  Visit URL
Chemical and structural properties of the Jordanian diatomaceous clays supported metal oxidesJournal of Advanced Oxidation Technologiesmaterial science2004  Visit URL
Characterization of activated carbon prepared from single cultivar Jordanian olive stones by chemical and physicochemical techniquesJournal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysismaterial science2004  Visit URL
The use of activated carbon of basic nature for treatment of 2-chlorophenolAdsorption Science and Technologyadsorption science2004  Visit URL
Deposition of anatase on the surface of activated carbonSurface and Coatings Technologymaterial science2004  Visit URL
Derivatization of 2-chlorophenol with 4-amino-anti-pyrine: A novel method for improving the selectivity of molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction of 2-chlorophenol from waterTalantaanalytical chemistry1010  Visit URL