Published Researchs

Infuence of [Na2O]/[CuO] on the physical and photon attenuation capacities of cupric sodium phosphate glasses: A comparative studyOptical and Quantum Electronics Optical and Radiation Shielding2024  Visit URL
Multi-scale investigation of the mechanical-structural hallmarks of cubic-silicon-carbide under elevated pressures: Hirshfeld topological surfaces-first principles synergic approachMulti-scale investigation of the mechanical-structural hallmarks of cubic-silicon-carbide under elevated pressures: Hirshfeld topological surfaces-first principles synergic approachMaterials Physics and DFT2024  Visit URL
Optimization radiation shielding properties of aluminum-based spinel minerals through the crystal tetrahedral and octahedral voids and their ions compositionRadiation Physics and Chemistryphysics2024  Visit URL
Enhancing mechanical, physical, radiation attenuation properties in alumino-barium-titanium-calcium-lithium glasses for nuclear applications: The pivotal role of TiO2 additivesRadiation Physics and ChemistryPhysics2024  Visit URL
Elastic, mechanical, and radiation shielding behaviors of copper-phosphate binary-glasses with diverse copper valence-states: R(Cu+) = Cu+/(Cu+ + Cu++)Radiation Physics and ChemistryPhysics2023  Visit URL
Incorporation of Transition Metal Ions into Li2O + LiF + ZnF2 + B2O3 + P2O5?MnO Glasses: Efects on Elastic, Mechanical, and Radiation Efectiveness BehaviorsJournal of Electronic MaterialsRadiation Shielding2023  Visit URL
Fabrication, structure, physical properties and FTIR spectroscopy of zirconate doped?borophosphate bioglassesOptical and Quantum ElectronicsQuantum and Radiation Physics2023  Visit URL
Exploring the Infuence of Intra? and Inter?tetrahedral Distances and Angles, as well as Tetrahedral Volume, on the Radiation Shielding Efciency of High?Pressure ??quartzSiliconPhysics2023  Visit URL
Optimizing [SiO2]/([P2O5]+ [Al2O3]) Ratio on Elasto?Mechanic?Radiation Shielding Hallmarks of Li2O?MgO?Al2O3?SiO2?TiO2?ZrO2 GlassesSiliconRadiation Shielding2023  Visit URL
Indirect Effect of Elevated Temperature on Radiation Shielding Competence through Modulations of Crystals Intrinsic Tetrahedral Parameters: A Case Study of Berlinite, SiO2-type AlPO4radiation physics and chemistryphysics2023  Visit URL
Effect of iron ion doping on mechanical, dielectric properties, and radiation protection efectiveness of lead barium borate glassesApplied Physics APhysics2023  Visit URL
Copper?Doped Borate Glass Systems: Fabrication, Physical and Optical Characteristics, and Efciency of Radiation AttenuationJournal of Electronic MaterialsPhysics2023  Visit URL
Dissociation Dynamics of Nitrous Oxide Molecule in Strong-Field Ionization by Linearly Polarized Laser PulseACTA PHYSICA POLONICA APhysics2022  Visit URL
Monte Carlo simulations and phy-X/PSD study of radiation shielding and elastic effects of molybdenum and tungsten in phosphate glassesJournal of Materials Research and TechnologyPhysics2022  Visit URL
Errors in the activation energy and thermal quenching parameters when evaluated from quenched thermoluminescence glow peaks using the various heating rates methodECS J. Solid State Sci. TechnolLuminescence2022  Visit URL
Physical, structural, optical investigation and shielding featuresof tungsten bismuth tellurite based glassesJournal of Non-Crystalline SolidsMaterial Physics2019  Visit URL
Temperature and frequency effect on the electrical properties of bulk nickel phthalocyanine octacarboxylic acid (Ni-Pc(COOH)8)Applied Physics AMaterial Physics2019  Visit URL
Imaging of strong field dissociative single and double ionization channels of N2OInternational Journal of Modern Physics BAtomic and Molecular Physics2017  Visit URL
Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations of Multi-Pole Transitions Rates and Spectra of ArI and ArIIAdvanced Studies in Theoretical PhysicsPhysics2016  Visit URL
Radioactivity concentrations and dose assessment for agricultural soil samples around the petroleum refinery in Zarqa, JordanInternational Journal of Low Radiation Physics2016  Visit URL
First Results from the Jordan COLTRIMS Imaging SystemNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section BPhysics2016  Visit URL
Delocalization of a Vacancy across Two Neon Atoms Bound by the van der Waals ForcePhysical Review LettersPhysics2016  Visit URL
Multielemental Analysis of Pharmaceuticals Derived from Plant Seeds by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Instrumentation Science & TechnologyPhysics2016  Visit URL
COLTRIMS Imaging of Molecular Fragmentation Dynamics of CO Molecules Induced by Slow He2+ IonsJordan Journal of PhysicsPhysics2015  Visit URL
Molecular dynamics of NH3 induced by core-electron excitation Physical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsPhysics2015  Visit URL
Rapid bond rearrangement in molecules after core-electron excitationJournal of PhysicsPhysics2014  Visit URL
Ultrafast Energy Transfer between Water MoleculesNaturePhysics2010  Visit URL
Young-Type Interference in Collisions between Hydrogen Molecular Ions and HeliumPhys. Rev. Lett.Physics2008  Visit URL
Investigation of the Activity Concentrations of 238U, 226RA, 228RA, 210PB AND 40K in Jordan Phosphogypsum and FertilizersRadiation Protection DosimetryPhysics2008  Visit URL
Imaging of Continuum States of the He_2^2+ QuasimoleculePhysical Review APhysics2007  Visit URL
Orientation and Impact-Parameter Dependence of Dissociative Ionization of H_2 by Slow Ion ImpactJournal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsPhysics2007  Visit URL
Dynamics of Electron-Capture-to-Continuum (ECC) Formation in Slow Ion–Atom CollisionsJournal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsPhysics2007  Visit URL
Exposure to Radiation from Natural Radioactivity in Jordanian Building MaterialsRadiation Protection DosimetryPhysics2006  Visit URL
Experimental investigation of the ionization dynamics in slow p-H_2 collisionsNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section BPhysics2005  Visit URL
Fully Differential Study of Transfer Ionization Processes - a View into Correlated Many Particle DynamicsPhysica ScriptaPhysics2004  Visit URL
Atomic structure dependence of nonsequential double ionization of He, Ne and Ar in strong laser pulses Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsPhysics2004  Visit URL
Dynamics of ionization processes studied with the COLTRIMS method—new insight into e–e correlationNuclear Physics APhysics2004  Visit URL
Electrical properties of macromolecular complexes of coordinated polymers with mixed valence of Co(II), Co(III) and Co(II–III)Polymer InternationalPhysics2003  Visit URL
Must Saddle Point Electrons Always Ride on the Saddle?J. Phys. B., At. Mol. Opt. Phys.Physics2002  Visit URL
Dynamics of secondary ion emission: Novel energy and angular spectrometryNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section BPhysics2002  Visit URL
Abrupt Rise of the Longitudinal Recoil Ion Momentum Distribution for Ionizing CollisionsPhys. Rev. Lett.Physics2001  Visit URL
Sequential and Nonsequential Contributions to Double Ionization in Strong Laser FieldsJ. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.Physics2000  Visit URL
Kinematically Complete Investigation of Momentum Transfer for Single Ionization in Fast Proton Helium CollisionsJ. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.Physics2000  Visit URL
Recoil-Ion Momentum Distributions for Single and Double Ionization of Helium in Strong Laser FieldsPhys. Rev. Lett.Physics2000  Visit URL