Published Researchs

The syntax of non-canonical coordination in Jordanian Arabic: An experimental investigationOpen LinguisticsSyntax; Psycholinguistics; Cognitive Linguistics2024  Visit URL
Refusal Strategies by Ammani Arabic Monolingual and English-Arabic Bilingual SpeakersInternational Journal of Society, Culture & Language (IJSCL)linguistics2024  Visit URL
A Pragmatic Study on Managing Rapport in Responding to Reprimands in Jordanian ArabicJournal of Ethnic and Cultural StudiesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
The use of discourse markers in argumentative compositions by Jordanian EFL learnersHumanities and Social Sciences Communicationslinguistics2023  Visit URL
The impact of L2 English on choice perception, interpretation, and preference for L1 Arabic speakersLanguage and Cognitionpsycholinguistics; cognitive linguistics2023  Visit URL
The impact of COVID-19 and its terminology learning strategies on EFL learners’ vocabulary repertoireAmpersandLinguistics 2023  Visit URL
Supremacy of suprasegmentals in Arabic phonology: Evidence from malapropismsEast European Journal of PsycholinguisticsPhonology; psycholinguistics2023  Visit URL
Subtitling sensitive Arabic language for English audiences: A case study of Netflix’s Jinn and Al-Rawabi showsAmpersand: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language Sciences and BilingualismAudiovisual Translation2023  Visit URL
Subject-verb agreement inflection in Arabic- speaking individuals with Down syndromeClinical Linguistics & PhoneticsClinical Linguistics2023  Visit URL
Semantic scope in Q-float constructions: An experimental investigationLinguaExperimental Linguistics; Syntax2023  Visit URL
Refusing Invitations: A Contrastive Pragmatic Study of Jordanian Arabic and Castilian SpanishDirasat:Human and Social SciencesPragmatics&Discourse analysis2023  Visit URL
Production of vowel reduction by Jordanian– Arabic speakers of English: an acoustic studyPoznan Studies in Contemporary LinguisticsPhonology; Acoustics2023  Visit URL
Production of pragmatic routines by Algerian EFL learners: The effect of corpus-based instructionAmpersand: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language Sciences and BilingualismLinguistics2023  Visit URL
Polysyllabic shortening in Modern Standard ArabicJournal of Semitic StudiesPhonology2023  Visit URL
Phonological Abilities of Children with Dyslexia in Jordan: A Whole-Word ApproachEurasian Journal of Applied Linguisticsphonology 2023  Visit URL
Normativity and Variation in the Address Terms System Practiced among the Jordanian Youth CommunityLanguagesLinguistics 2023  Visit URL
Multisyllabic word production by Jordanian Arabic speaking childrenSpeech, Language and HearingPhonology2023  Visit URL
Mental Representation of Multiple Default Plurals: Evidence from the Adaptation of English Loanwords in ArabicInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studiesmorphology; psycholinguistics; cognitive linguistics2023  Visit URL
Inadequate Top-Down Information and Vowel JudgementJournal of Language Teaching and ResearchLinguistics2023  Visit URL
Hypocoristics in the Ammani-Jordanian context: A Construction Morphology perspectiveCogent Arts & HumanitiesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
Grammatical Number in Arabic-English Bilingual ChildrenEurasian Journal of Applied Linguisticsmorphology; language acquisition; bilingualism2023  Visit URL
Attitude towards Jordanian Arabic Dialects: A Sociolinguistic PerspectiveJordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literaturessociolinguistics2023  Visit URL
Acquisition of stress in the speech of Ammani Arabic-speaking childrenAmpersandPhonology2023  Visit URL
Acoustics of long vowels in Arabic-speaking children with hearing impairmentshumanities and social sciences communicationsphonetics2023  Visit URL
Production of gutturals by non-native speakers of ArabicIndonesian Journal of Applied Linguisticsphonology; phonetics; second language acquisition2022  Visit URL
A corpus-based pragmatic analysis of Jordanians’ Facebook Status Updates during COVID-19AmpersandLinguistics2022  Visit URL
Acquisition of emphatic consonants by Ammani Arabic-speaking childrenLanguage Acquisitionphonology; language acquisition2022  Visit URL
Jordanian Women Are “Sort of Like” Less Assertive Than Jordanian Men, Aren’t They?The International Journal of Communication and Linguistic Studiessociolinguistics/psycholinguistics2022  Visit URL
Mental Representation of English Past Tense Morphology by Jordanian EFL Students: A Dual Mechanism AnalysisDIALECTOLOGIALinguistics; Morphology; Psycholinguistics2022  Visit URL
On Pragmatics-syntax Interface: The Case of Vocative Nominals in Jordanian ArabicJordan Journal of Modern Languages and LiteraturesLinguistics; Pragmatics-Syntax Interface2022  Visit URL
On Morphology-Phonology Interface: Insights From Diminutives in Jordanian ArabicTheory and Practice in Language Studiesmorphology; phonology2022  Visit URL
The Status of the Derivative Adjective Forms in the Lexicon: Evidence on Pseudo Default Patterns *Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and LiteraturesLinguistics /Morphology /Syntax2022  Visit URL
Geminate Acquisition and Representation by Ammani Arabic-Speaking ChildrenInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studiesphonology; language acquisition2021  Visit URL
Attitudes toward Jordanian Arabic-Accented English among Native and Non-native Speakers of EnglishELOPE: English Language Overseas Perspectives and EnquiriesLinguistics2021  Visit URL
Stress production by Cebuano learners of Arabic: A metrical analysisIndonesian Journal of Applied LinguisticsPhonology; Language acquisition2020  Visit URL
Grammatical number inflection in Arabic-speaking children and young adults with Down syndromeSouth African Journal of Communication DisordersMorphology; Language Acquisition2020  Visit URL
Patterns of Repetition in Folk Song Driven by Phonology and MorphologyDirasat, Human and Social SciencesLinguistics2020  Visit URL
Labile anticausatives in Jordanian ArabicLINGUA POSNANIENSISlinguistics; morpho-syntax2020  Visit URL
Acquisition of broken plural patterns by Jordanian childrenLinguisticsMorphology; Language Acquisition2020  Visit URL
Typological Universals of Agreements in Arabic Second Language AcquisitionDirasat, Human and Social SciencesLinguistics; Language Acquisition2020  Visit URL
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A Contrastive Study of Cohesion in Arabic and English Religious DiscourseInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature Linguistics, Discourse Analysis 2017  Visit URL
The linguistic features of intertextuality in Jordans free verse poetry: Ayman Al-Otoum as a case study International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature.Discourse Analysis2017  Visit URL
A corpus-based discourse analysis study of WhatsApp Messenger’s semantic notificationsInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English LiteratureDiscourse Analysis2016  Visit URL
Emphatic Segments and Emphasis Spread in Rural Jordanian ArabicMediterranean Journal of Social SciencesPhonology2016  Visit URL
Stress rules in loan words in Bedouin Jordanian Arabic: Theoretical accountJournal of Theoretical Linguistics SKASEPhonology2016  Visit URL
The phonology and morphology of Wadi Ramm ArabicPhD Thesis, University of Salford- Manchester Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology 2015  Visit URL
An acoustic analysis of geminated consonants in the Arabic of native speakers of EnglishMA Thesis, Yarmouk University Acoustics, Phonetics, Phonology 2010  Visit URL