Published Researchs

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Unlocking Edge Intelligence Through Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) IEEE AccessElectrical engineering2022  Visit URL
A Weft Knit Data GloveIEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and MeasurementElectrical engineering, Sensors, Electronics, Machine Learning2021  Visit URL
Grasp Classification with Weft Knit Data Glove using a Convolutional Neural NetworkIEEE Sensors JournalElectrical engineering, machine learning, sensors2021  Visit URL
Wireless Power Transfer System for Battery-less Sensor NodesIEEE AccessWireless communications2020  Visit URL
Performance Analysis of UAV Enabled Disaster Recovery Networks: A Stochastic Geometric Framework Based on Cluster ProcessesIEEE Accesswireless communications2018  Visit URL
Incremental relaying cooperative networks with dual transmit diversityComputers & Electrical EngineeringWireless communications2016  Visit URL