Published Researchs

A Review on Blockchain and IoT Integration from Energy, Security and Hardware PerspectivesWireless Personal CommunicationsBlockchain, IoT, Energy, Security and Hardware2023  Visit URL
POSIT vs. Floating Point in Implementing IIR Notch Filter by Enhancing Radix-4 Modified Booth MultiplierElectronicsVLSI, FPGA, Algorithms2022  Visit URL
Hardware Trojan detection for lightweight ciphers implemented on field-programmable gate arrays using the replay algorithmInternational journal of circuit theory and applicationssecurity, resource-constrained devices, lightweight ciphers, FPGA2021  Visit URL
Quantitative Impact Analysis of Application-level Attacks on a Robotic PlatformInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensicscyber-physical security; robot availability; attacks; vulnerability; risk assessment; PeopleBot2021  Visit URL
Performance evaluation of the SM4 cipher based on field-programmable gate array implementationIET Circuits, Devices and Systemshardware security2021  Visit URL
An analysis and evaluation of lightweight hash functions for blockchain-based IoT devicesCluster Computingsecurity, resource-constrained devices, lightweight hash functions, blockchain2021  Visit URL
FPGA Modeling and Optimization of a SIMON Lightweight Block CipherSensorsHardware , security2019  Visit URL
Secure and efficient data delivery for fog-assisted wireless body area networksPeer-to-Peer Networking and ApplicationsSecurity and networking2019  Visit URL
Implementation of Speech Feature Extraction For Low-Resource DevicesIET Circuits, Devices & SystemsSpeech, Algorithms, VLSI2019  Visit URL
Hardware Security in IoT Devices with Emphasis on Hardware TrojansJournal of sensor and Actuator NetworksHardware security, Trojans2019  Visit URL
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FPGA Modeling and Optimization of a SIMON Lightweight Block CipherSensorsHardware Security, Ciphers, FPGA2019  Visit URL
Analyzing Cyber-Physical Threats on Robotic PlatformsSensorsSecurity and Robotics2018  Visit URL
Security Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Technology as Used in IoTJournal of Sensor and Actuator NetworksSecurity in IoT2018  Visit URL
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Extrinsic Calibration of Camera and 2D Laser Sensors without OverlapSensorssensors, robotics, algorithms2017  Visit URL
Modeling and optimization of the lightweight HIGHT block cipher design with FPGA implementationSecurity and Communication NetworksSecurity, FPGA2016  Visit URL
A comparative study of steganography designs based on multiple FPGA platformsInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics Security, Steganography, FPGA2016  Visit URL
Secure Authentication for Remote Patient Monitoring with Wireless Medical Sensor NetworksSensors Security2016  Visit URL
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Analysis and Modeling of FPGA Implementations of Spatial Steganography MethodsJournal of Circuits, Systems and ComputersStecurity, Steganography, FPGA2014  Visit URL
Wavelet-Transform Steganography: Algorithm and Hardware ImplementationInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensicssecurity, steganography, FPGA2014  Visit URL
Software comprehension based on database relational algebraInternational Journal of Information and Communication TechnologyCommunication and information systems2014  Visit URL
QoS-aware health monitoring system using cloud-based WBANsJournal of medical systemsSecurity/WBAN2014  Visit URL
Classification of Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Using Custom Image Processing Algorithm – Statistical Based AnalysisInternational Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications(JDCTA)Image processing2013  Visit URL
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Performance and Information Security Evaluation with FirewallsInternational Journal of Security and Its Applications, Publishersecurity2013  Visit URL
MPLS technology in wireless networksWireless Networkswireless networks2013  Visit URL
Carry-based reduction parallel counterInternational Journal of ElectronicsVLSI2012  Visit URL
Low power Wallace multiplier design based on wide countersInternational Journal of Circuit Theory and ApplicationsVLSI2012  Visit URL
Hierarchical steganography using novel optimum quantization techniqueSignal, Image and Video Processing DSP2012  Visit URL
A novel approach to enhance distributed virtual memoryComputers and Electrical EngineeringComputer Architecture2011  Visit URL