Published Researchs

Investigating the Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Jordanian Traditional Handicraft SectorDirasat, Human and Social Sciences,Art and Humanities2022  Visit URL
The impact of economic value added (EVA) adoption on stock performanceAccountingAccounting in Businesses2020  Visit URL
The effect of culture on accommodation service quality perception and expectationsManagement Science LettersBusiness2020  Visit URL
The Role of Institutional Mechanisms in Creating Online Trust: Cross Cultural InvestigationJournal of Management Information and Decision SciencesBusiness2020  Visit URL
Perceptual Exploration of Credit Cards Adoption: Customer PerspectiveInternational Journal of Data and Network ScienceE-Commerce2020  Visit URL
The Legal Dilemma in Governing the Privacy Right of E-Commerce Users: Evidence From the USA ContextInternational Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and TechnologyE-Commerce2020  Visit URL
The Future of Group Decision Support System Supported Meetings: Perceiving the Value and the Need for Competitive StrategiesInternational Review of Management and MarketingManagement Information Systems2017  Visit URL
Influencing Factors on Strategic Human Resource Development Position at Jordanian UniversitiesInterdisciplinary Journal of Research in BusinessHuman Resourses 2016  Visit URL
Understanding the Impact of a Facilitator’s Behaviour on a GDSS Meeting Outcomes: The Formulation of the TAGDSSM ModelInternational Journal of Advances in Computer Science & Its Applications– IJCSIADecision Support Systems2015  Visit URL
Anonymity and Group Task-Conflict in GDSS Supported MeetingsAmerican Academic & Scholarly Research JournalDecision Support Systems2013  Visit URL
Anonymity Enhancing Technologies (AETs) in GDSS Supported MeetingsDLINE Journals portal - Journal of E -TechnologyDecision Support Systems2013  Visit URL