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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
The effect of a firm’s internal factors on its profitability: Evidence from JordanInvestment Management and Financial Innovationsreturn on assets, firm-specific factors, ASE, emerging markets, panel data2021 Paper Url
Factors afecting online accounting education during the COVID?19 pandemic: an integrated perspective of social capital theory, the theory of reasoned action and the technology acceptance modelEducation and Information Technologies (2021)Online learning system · Accounting education · Higher education institutions · Universities · Developing countries2021 Paper Url
Accounting information system effectiveness from an organizational perspectiveManagement Science LettersAccounting information system effectiveness2020 Paper Url
Stock Valuation, Strategic And Financial Analysis: A Case Study For Arab Potash Company (APOT) (Jordan).International Business Management a stock valuation, Equity Valuation, ROE, ROA2019 Paper Url
The Impact of Earnings Management on Stock Returns for Listed Industrial Firms on the Amman Stock ExchangeBusiness and Economic Research JournalKeywords: Earnings m anagement, Stock return performa nce, Industrial sec tor , Audit committee2019 Paper Url
Working Capital Variations By Industry And Implications For Profitable Financial ManagementThe International Journal of Business and Finance ResearchFinancial Accounting (Working Capital, Current Ratio, Profitability, Industry)2018 Paper Url
مدى استجابة البنوك العاملة في الأردن لتعليمات مكافحة غسل الأموال وتمويل الإرهابالمجلة الأردنية في إدارة الأعمالMoney laundering, terrorist financing, Jordan banks response.2018 Paper Url
“Combating money laundering and terrorism financing instructions in Jordan"Banks and Bank Systems"Financial Accounting (Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Jordan Banks Response)2018 Paper Url
The Impacts of Free Cash Surplus Flows, Audit Quality and Ownership on Earnings Management: The Jordan CaseCorporate Ownership & Control Journal Earnings Management, Surplus Free Cash Flows, Accruals2018 Paper Url
“The impact of Reliability Elements on Performance Indicators of Jordanian Commercial Banks”.International Journal of Business and Finance ResearchAIS Availability, AIS Security, AIS Confidentiality and Privacy, AIS Processing2017 Paper Url
Changes In IFRS 3 Accounting For Business Combinations: A Feedback And Effects AnalysisGlobal Journal of Business ResearchIFRS ( Financial Accounting )Business Combinations, Acquisition, Goodwill2017 Paper Url
Macroeconomics, Firm-Specific Factors And Excess Return: An Empirical Investigation From Amman Stock ExchangeGlobal Journal of Business ResearchFinancial Accounting2016 Paper Url
Fair Value Accounting Standard (IAS 39) Versus The Historical Costs PrincipleInternational Business ManagementFinancial Accounting2016 Paper Url
Mandatory International Financial Reporting Standards Support Among Trading Companies in Los Angeles: An AnalysisBusiness and Economic Research ISSN 2162-4860Financial Accounting International Financial Reporting Standards2015 Paper Url