Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
MODIS-based land surface temperature for climate variability and change research: the tale of a typical semi-arid to arid environmentEuropean journal of remote sensing GIS application on Air Pollution2020 Paper Url
Quantifying Emissions of PM10 Generated by the Implosion of Concrete Grain SilosAerosol and Air Quality ResearchAir Pollution2020 Paper Url
The Impact of Composting on Air Quality in the Jordanian BadiaJJEESAir pollution2020 Paper Url
TRMM 3B43 Product-Based Spatial and Temporal Anatomy of Precipitation Trends: Global PerspectiveEnvironmental Monitoring and AssessmentClimate Change2020 Paper Url
Study on the impact of weather on air quality at AqabaNature Environment and Pollution TechnologyAir Pollution2018 Paper Url
Developing a Forecast Model to Estimate Instantaneous Tropospheric Ozone based on Meteorological Parameters International Journal of Ecology & Development.Air pollution2018 Paper Url
Influenced of Meteorological Parameters on Air Quality at Hashemite University Curr World EnvironAir pollution2017 Paper Url
Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone and Exploring its Association with Elevation and Land Cover over North JordanJournal of Spatial ScienceAir Pollution2017 Paper Url
Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Climate Change at Northern Jordanian BadiaJordanian Journal of Earth and Environmental SciencesClimate Change2015 Paper Url
Air Quality Impact of the Upgraded Al-Samra Waste Water Treatment PlantJordan Journal of earth and environmental SciencesAir Pollution, Environment2015 Paper Url
Water scarcity impact of climate change in semi-arid regions: a case study in Mujib basin, JordanArab J GeosciAir pollution2015 Paper Url
Antiquity Impact Of Air Pollution At Gadara, JordanMediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry Air pollution2014 Paper Url
Impact Assessment of Ambient Air Quality by Cement Industry: A Case Study in JordanAerosol and Air Quality Researchatmospheric science2011 Paper Url
Statistical Examining of frost characterization: A case of global warming impact in JordanJournal of Water Resource and ProtectionEnvironment2011 Paper Url
Study of Black Carbon Levels in City Centers and Industrial Centers in JordanJordanian Journal of Physics, atmospheric physics2010 Paper Url
Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cairos Ambient AirEnvironmental monitoring and assesmentEnvironment2009 Paper Url
Climate Change in Jordan: A Comprehensive Examination ApproachAmerican Journal of Environmental SciencesEnvironment2009 Paper Url
Modeling Atmospheric Turbidity at Zarqa Area Using Meteorological DataJordan Journal of PhysicsEnvironment2008 Paper Url
Enhanced PM2.5 Source Apportionment Using Chemical Mass Balance Receptor Modeling and Scanning Electron MicroscopyJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental SciencesEnvironment2008 Paper Url
Motor Vehicle Contributions to Ambient PM10 and PM2.5 at Selected Urban Areas in the USAEnviron Monit AssessAir Pollution2007 Paper Url
Sources of PM10 and PM2.5 in Cairos Ambient AirEnvironmental monitoring and assesmentEnvironment2007 Paper Url
Emission Rates of Gaseous Pollutants from Motor VehiclesJordan Journal of ChemistryEnvironment2007 Paper Url
Road Dust Resuspension in the Vicinity of Limestone Quarries in JordanJournal of the Air & Waste Management AssociationEnvironment2006 Paper Url
A case study of the impact of Winter road sand/salt and street sweeping on road dust re-entrainmentAtmospheric EnvironmentEnvironment2006 Paper Url
Tailpipe,Resuspended Road Dust, and brake-wear Emission Factors from On-Road vehiclesatmospheric environmentAir Pollution2004 Paper Url
A Quantitative Description of On-Road Vehicle Exhaust Particle Size DistributionsJournal of the Air & Waste Management AssociationAir Pollution2004 Paper Url
Application of a Multi-Lag Regression Approach to Determine On-Road PM10 and PM2.5 Emission Factors Atmospheric EnvironmentAir Pollution2003 Paper Url
Measurements of Mobile Source Particulate Emissions in a Highway TunnelInternational J. of Vehicle DesignAir Pollution2001 Paper Url