Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Spatial variations of urban soil salinity and related ions in arid and semiarid areasArabian Journal of GeosciencesEnvironmental chemistry2022 Paper Url
Assessment of heavy metals in urban areas of Al Hashmiyya city of JordanJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental SciencesEnvironment2017 Paper Url
Quantification of wind erosion from some arid soils in Jordan under two different management practicesArabian Journal of GeosciencesWind erosion2016 Paper Url
Community based adaptation options for climate change impacts on water resources: The case of JordanJOURNAL OF WATER AND LAND DEVELOPMENTwater resources, climate change2015 Paper Url
Rainfall fluctuation for exploring desertification and climate change: new aridity classificationJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental SciencesDesertification, climate change 2015 Paper Url
Modelling desertification risk in the north-west of Jordan using geospatial and remote sensing techniquesGeomatics, Natural Hazards and RiskDesertification2014 Paper Url
Solute transport as affected by surface land characteristics in gravely calcareous arid soilsArabian Journal of Geosciences soil characterization2014 Paper Url
Identifying major factors controlling groundwater quality in semiarid area using advanced statistical techniquesWater Resources Managementlanduse and management2014 Paper Url
Spatial distribution of cadmium concentrations in street dust in an arid environmentArabian Journal of Geosciences soil contamination2014 Paper Url
Elucidation of phosphorous sorption by calcareous soils using principal component analysisChemistry and Ecologysoil characterization2014 Paper Url
Impact of Climate and Land Use Changes on Water and Food Security in Jordan: Implications for Transcending “The Tragedy of the Commons”sustainabilityclimate change and landuse2013 Paper Url
Toward Delineating Hydro-functional Soil Mapping Units using the Pedostructure Concept: A Case StudyComputers and Electronics in AgricultureHydropedology2012 Paper Url
A multi-scale “soil water structure” model based on the pedostructure conceptHydrology and Earth System Sciences DiscussionsHydropedology2009 Paper Url
Effect of carbonates and gravel contents on hydraulic properties in gravely-calcareous soilsDirasat, Agricultural sciencesSoil survey/ soil physics2008 Paper Url