Published Researchs

Application of physical vapor deposition technology for practical utilization of nano?size copper oxide for lead uptake from solution: kinetics, equilibrium, and recycling studiesEnvironmental Science and Pollution Researchanalytical chemistry2023  Visit URL
Hydrophobic natural deep eutectic-solvent bar microextraction combined with HPLC-DAD for determination of urinary 1- hydroxypyrene of smokersEmerging ContaminantsEnvironmental Analysis2023  Visit URL
A new approach for determination of urinary 8-hydroxy-20-deoxyguanosine in cancer patients using reinforced solid/liquid phase microextraction combined with HPLC-DADActa ChromatographicaCancer biomarker analysis2023  Visit URL
The use of various magnetic adsorbents for cadmium uptake from dyes-containing wastewaterEmerging contaminantsAnalytical chemistry2023  Visit URL
Application of interval wavelength selection by iterative space shrinkage approach iVISSA for spectroscopic quantification of spectrally overlapping food preservatives by multivariate calibrationJournal of Food Measurement and Characterizationfood analysis 2022  Visit URL
Solvent bar microextraction combined with HPLC-DAD and multivariate optimization for simultaneous determination of three antiarrhythmic drugs in human urine and plasma samplesTalanta OpenPharmaceuticals analysis2022  Visit URL
Simultaneous determination of furosemide and carbamazepine in biological matrices by solvent bar microextraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography–diode array detector and central composite designBiomedical ChromatographyPharmaceuticals analysis2022  Visit URL
Application of Different Interval Variable Selectors for Quantification of Spectrally Overlapping Pharmaceuticals by Multivariate CalibrationAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Researchdrug analysis2022  Visit URL
Spectroscopic quantifiication of preservatives in different food matrices using QuEChERS extraction and multivariate calibration with comparison against liquid chromatographyArabian Journal of Chemistryanalysis of food preservatives2021  Visit URL
Rapid and reliable chromatograhic method to monitor coloring agents in highly consumed beveragesJournal of Food Processing and Preservationfood anaylsis2020  Visit URL
Rapid and reliable chromatograhic method to monitor coloring agents in highly consumed beveragesJournal of Food Processing and Preservationanalytical chemistry2020  Visit URL
Quick monitoring of coloring agents in highly consumed candies using multivariate calibrationArabian Journal of Chemistryfood analysis2019  Visit URL
Preliminary study of the influence of mineral content on qualityJ Food Sci Technolmetal analysis2019  Visit URL
Magnetic solid phase extraction of phthalate products from bottled, injectable and tap waters using graphene oxide: Effect of oxidation method of grapheneJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineeringanalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Effect of varying deposition conditions of magnetite on sawdust on the physiochemical properties of the prepared compositesJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineeringanalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Adsorption and magnetic solid-phase extraction of NSAIDs from pharmaceutical wastewater using magnetic carbon nanotubes: Effect of sorbent dimensions, magnetite loading and competitive adsorption studyEnvironmental Technology & Innovationanalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Studying competitive retention of phthalate esters by humic acid underDesalination and Water TreatmentAnalytical chemistry2019  Visit URL
Application of Partial Least Squares-Kernel Calibration in Competitive Adsorption Studies Using an Effective Chemically-Activated BiocharCLEAN – Soil, Air, WaterAnalytical chemistry2017  Visit URL
Simultaneous Determination and Stability Assessment of Metformin and Sitagliptin in Pharmaceutical Form by High Performance Liquid ChromatographyJordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Drug analysis2017  Visit URL
Evaluation of Plasma Damage to Low-k Dielectric Trench Structures by Multiple Internal Reflection Infrared SpectroscopyECS Solid State LettersSurface analysis2014  Visit URL
Quantification of tamsulosin in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray tandem mass spectrometryActa Chromatographica Drugs analysis2010  Visit URL
Simultaneous determination of triprolidine and pseudoephedrine in human plasma by liquid chromatography-ion trap mass spectrometryJ Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life SciDrugs analysis2009  Visit URL
Interaction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls with Dissolved Humic Acid from Azraq, Jordan Asian Journal of Water, Environment and PollutionEnvironment and Pollution2008  Visit URL