Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
GaSubtle: A New Genetic Algorithm for Generating Subtle Higher-Order MutantsInformationSoftware Engineering2022 View Paper Paper Url
Visualization of aspect-oriented programs using city transportation metaphorCluster ComputingSoftware Engineering2022 View Paper Paper Url
Impact of design patterns on software quality: a systematic literature reviewIET SoftwareSoftware Engineering2020 View Paper Paper Url
An Approach for the Generation of Higher Order Mutants Using Genetic AlgorithmsInternational Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA)Software Engineering2018 View Paper Paper Url
An Approach and Tool for Measurement of State Variable Based Data-Flow Test Coverage for Aspect-Oriented ProgramsInformation and Software TechnologySoftware Testing2015 View Paper Paper Url
Investigating the Relationship between Software Defect Density and Cost Estimation: An Empirical StudyJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information TechnologySoftware Engineering2015 View Paper Paper Url
An Evaluation Model for Social Development EnvironmentsInternational Journal of Software Engineering and Its ApplicationsSoftware Engineering2014 View Paper Paper Url
Resource Allocation in a Client/Server System for Massive Multi-Player Online GamesIEEE Transactions on ComputersHeterogeneous computing2014 View Paper Paper Url
Cell Phone-Based System (Chaak) for Surveillance of Immatures of Dengue Virus Mosquito VectorsJournal of Medical EntomologyMobile applications, Software developing2013 View Paper Paper Url
An Associative Classification Data Mining Approach for Detecting Phishing WebsitesJournal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information SciencesInformation Sciences2013 View Paper Paper Url
On generating mutants for aspectj programsInformation and Software TechnologySoftware testing2012 View Paper Paper Url