Published Researchs

Fekete-Szego type functionals associated with certain subclasses of bi-univalent functionsHeliyonComplex Analysis2024  Visit URL
Analysis study on multi-order ?-Hilfer fractional pantograph implicit differential equation on unbounded domainsAIMS MathematicsMathematical Analysis2023  Visit URL
q-Janowski type close-to-convex functions associated with a convolution operatorJournal of Mathematics and Computer ScienceComplex Analysis2023  Visit URL
A Pro Rata Definition of the Fractional-Order DerivativeSpringer Proceedings in Mathematics and StatisticsMathematics2023  Visit URL
Some Subordination Results Defined by Using the Symmetric q-Differential Operator for Multivalent FunctionsAxiomsComplex Analysis2023  Visit URL
On local fractional integral inequalities via generalized ( h1~, h 2~)-preinvexity involving local fractional integral operators with Mittag-Leffler kernelDemonstratio MathematicaMathematical Analysis2023  Visit URL
On a Subfamily of q-Starlike Functions with Respect to m-Symmetric Points Associated with the q-Janowski FunctionSymmetryComplex Analysis2023  Visit URL
On Full and Nearly Full Operators in Complex Banach SpacesBoletim da Sociedade Paranaense de MatematicaFunctional Analysis2023  Visit URL
Milne-type fractal integral inequalities for generalized m-convex mappingFractalsMathematical Analysis2023  Visit URL
Fekete-Szego functional for a class of non-Bazilevic functions related to quasi-subordinationDemonstratio MathematicaComplex Analysis2023  Visit URL
Riesz Basis in de Branges Spaces of Entire FunctionsJournal of Computational Analysis and ApplicationsComplex Analysis2022  Visit URL
Some Hermite-Hadamards type local fractional integral inequalities for generalized ?-preinvex function with applicationsMathematical Methods in the Applied SciencesFractional Calculus2022  Visit URL
Application of the Dual Space of Gelfand-Shilov Spaces of Beurling TypeBoletim da Sociedade Paranaense de MatematicaFunctional Analysis2022  Visit URL
On Parseval Frames of Kernel Functions in de Branges Spaces of Entire Vector Valued FunctionsOperator Theory: Advances and ApplicationsComplex Analysis2021  Visit URL
Action of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Semigroup on (w1,w2)-Tempered UltradistributionsApplied Mathematics & Information SciencesFunctional Analysis2020  Visit URL
Sampling in de Branges Spaces and Naimark DilationComplex Analysis and Operator TheoryComplex Analysis2017  Visit URL
Necessary density conditions for sampling and interpolation in de Branges spacesAmerican Mathematical Society, Contemporary Mathematics: Methods in Wavelets, Tilings, and Frames.Complex Analysis2014  Visit URL