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A study of drug candidates derived from pleconaril for inhibiting coxsackievirus B3 (Cvb3) by ADMET, molecular docking, molecular dynamics and retrosynthesisNew journal of ChemistryNJC (New Journal of Chemistry) is a broad-based primary journal encompassing all branches of chemistry and its sub-disciplines. It contains full research articles, communications, perspectives and focus articles. This well-established journal, owned by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) of France, has been co-published with the Royal Society of Chemistry since January 1998. NJC is the forum for the publication of high-quality, original and significant work that opens new d2022  Visit URL
Novel therapeutic heterocycles as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and anti-cancer agents: Synthesis, in vitro bioassay screenings, and molecular docking studiesJournal of Molecular StructureComputational and Medical Chemistry 2022  Visit URL
Spatial variations of urban soil salinity and related ions in arid and semiarid areasArabian Journal of GeosciencesEnvironmental chemistry2022  Visit URL
Conductance and Thermodynamics Study of Interaction of Some Transition Metals with Mixed Oxygen-Nitrogen Donors Macrocycles in Acetonitrile solutionAsian Journal of ChemistryPhysical Chemistry2015  Visit URL
Structures of D2 layers on LiF(0 0 1)Journal of Colloid and Interface SciencePhysical Chemistry2010  Visit URL
Thermodynamics of Amino Acid Methyl Ester Hydrochlorides—Crown Ether Complexes in Methanol at 25°CJournal of Solution ChemistryPhysical Chemistry2001  Visit URL