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-Catalyzed Synthesis of 4H-benzo[4,5]thiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidin4-ones: Molecular Docking Studies and Anti-proliferative Activities Against HepG2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma CellsAsian Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2024  Visit URL
Two isomorphous series of 2?-(2,5-dichlorothiophene-3-carbonyl)-1?- (aryl)-1?,2?,5?,6?,7?,7a’-hexahydrospiro[indoline-3,3?-pyrrolizin]-2-one derivatives: X-ray structures, intermolecular interactions, Hirshfeld analysis and molecular dockingJournal of Molecular StructureOrganic Chemistry2024  Visit URL
Advances on Catalytic Approaches towards the Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives Using Povarov ReactionHeterocyclesOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
The ?-Valerolactone (GVL) as Innoxious Reaction Media for the Synthesis of 2-Aryl-2H-Indazoles via C-N and N-N Bond Formation under Cu(I)- Catalyzed Ligand and Base Free ConditionsPolycyclic Aromatic CompoundsOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
Synthesis, characterization, antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of (1?R,2?S,7a?S)-2?-(2,5-dichlorothiophene-3-carbonyl)-1?-(aryl)-1?,2?,5?,6?,7?,7a?-hexahydrospiro[indoline-3,3?-pyrrolizin]-2-one derivativesJournal of Heterocyclic ChemistryPharmaceutical chemistry2023  Visit URL
Strategies towards the Synthesis of 2-Ketoaryl Azole Derivatives using C-H Functionalization Approach and 1,2-Bis-Nucleophile PrecursorsAsian Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
Roles of Alkali Metals tert-Butoxide as Catalysts and Activators in Organic TransformationsAsian Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
N-Cyanomethylmethanimine tethered anthracene dimer: concise synthesis, conformational properties and photoinduced configurational isomerizationNew Journal of ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
N-Alkylation of Azoles with Enones Assisted by P(III) or Fe2O3-nanoparticles as Recyclable CatalystHeterocyclesOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
Blue-emitting monochlorothiophenyl-pyridine-carbonitriles: Synthesis, structural analysis, and fluorescence propertiesjournal of molecular structureOrganic Chemistry2023  Visit URL
Cloud Point Extraction for Spectrophotometric Determination of Acid Blue 29 Dye in Water SamplesPak. J. Anal. Environ. Cheanalytical environmental chemistry2022  Visit URL
Design, Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Molecular Modeling of Novel Spiroquinazoline Derivatives as Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for Alzheimer DiseasePolycyclic Aromatic CompoundsChemistry2022  Visit URL
Direct Formation of 2-Substituted 2H-Indazoles by a Pd-Catalyzed Reaction between 2-Halobenzyl Halides and ArylhydrazinesThe Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2021  Visit URL
Ruthenium(II) complexes bearing thioether-azoimine tridentate SNN donor ligands: Synthesis, spectroscopic properties, structural characterization, electrochemistry, and catalytic activityJournal of Molecular StructureOrganic and Inorganic Chemistry2021  Visit URL
Synthesis, crystal structure, crystal supramolecularity and Hirshfeld surface analysis of (E)-1-(2,5-dichlorothiophen-3-yl)-3-o-tolylprop-2-en-1-oneChemical Data Collectionsorganic chemistry2021  Visit URL
Microwave-assisted Synthesis of 2-Substituted Naphtho[1,2-d][1,3]oxazoles by Reacting 1-Nitroso-2-naphthol with Allyl Bromides and Benzyl Bromides using FeCl3 as CatalystAsian Journal of ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2020  Visit URL
Overview on Recent Approaches towards Synthesis of 2-Keto-annulated Oxazole DerivativesJOURNAL OF HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRYHterocyclic compounds2019  Visit URL
Mo(VI)-catalyzed Synthesiso f 2-Aryl-2H-indazoles Using Pinacol Mediated Deoxygenation of Nitroaromatics, Chemistry LettersChemistry Letterssynthesis of indazoles2019  Visit URL
Base-Promoted Domino Reaction of 5-Substituted 2-Nitrosophenols with Bromomethyl Aryl Ketones: A Transition-Metal-Free Approach to 2-AroylbenzoxazolesJ. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 10829–10837.synthesis of 2-ketoaryl benzoxazoles2015  Visit URL
Reaction of 1-Nitroso-2-naphthols with ?-Functionalized Ketones and Related Compounds: The Unexpected Formation of Decarbonylated 2-Substituted Naphtho[1,2-d][1,3]oxazolesJ. Org. Chemsynthesis of naphthoxazoles2013  Visit URL
Microwave-Assisted Molybdenum-Catalyzed Reductive Cyclization of o-Nitrobenzylidene Amines to 2-Aryl-2H-indazolessynlettsynthesis of 2-Aryl-2H-indazoles2013  Visit URL
Synthesis of 2-Aryl-1,2-dihydrophthalazines via Reaction of 2-(Bromomethyl)benzaldehydes with ArylhydrazinesJ. Org. Chem.synthesis of phthalazines2013  Visit URL
Cu-Catalyzed Reaction of 1,2-Dihalobenzenes with 1,3-Cyclohexanediones for the Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydrodibenzo[b,d]furan-1(2H)-onesJ. Org. Chemsynthesis of dibenzofuran2012  Visit URL