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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Assessment of genotoxicity of pyrethrin in cultured human lymphocytesDrug and Chemical ToxicologyToxicology2016 View Paper Paper Url
Assessment of Genotoxicity of Waterpipe Smoking Using 8-OHdG Biomarker Genetics and molecular research: GMRGenetics and molecular research: GMR2015 View Paper Paper Url
The LWDS-10J: reliability and validity of the Lebanon Waterpipe Dependence Scale among university students in Jordan.Nicotine Tob Res.Nicotine & Tobacco Research2014 View Paper Paper Url
CO exposure and puff topography are associated with Lebanese waterpipe dependence scale score.nicotine & tobacco researchNicotine & Tobacco Research2013 View Paper Paper Url
Exposure of Pregnant Women to Waterpipe and Cigarette Smoke.Nicotine & Tobacco ResearchNicotine & Tobacco Research2013 View Paper Paper Url
Assessment of DNA damage using chromosomal aberrations assay in lymphocytes of waterpipe smokers.Int J Occup Med Environ HealthInt J Occup Med Environ Health2012 View Paper Paper Url
Waterpipe tobacco and cigarette smoking among university studentsInt J Tuberc Lung DisInt J Tuberc Lung Dis2012 View Paper Paper Url
Assessment of Genotoxicity of Waterpipe and Cigarette Smoking in Lymphocytes Using Sister-Chromatid Exchange Assay: A Comparative Study.Environ Mol MutagenEnviron Mol Mutagen2011 View Paper Paper Url
Comparison Between Frequencies of Several STRs Loci in Jordan with Neighboring CountriesJordan Medical Journalmedicine2010 View Paper Paper Url
Water pipe tobacco smoking among university students in JordanNicotine & Tobacco ResearchNicotine & Tobacco Research2010 View Paper Paper Url
Smoking-cessation practice guidelines: awareness and implementation among medical teamsInt J Pharm Pract.Toxicology2010 View Paper Paper Url
Conservative Management of Acute Epidural Hematoma in a Pediatric Age Group Pediatrc Neurosurgyry medicine2009 View Paper Paper Url
Effectiveness of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) as home-based therapy on Barthel Index in patients with chronic stroke.sTopics in stroke rehabilitation.Toxicology2009 View Paper Paper Url
Effect of Every-Other-Day Fasting on Spontaneous Chromosomal Damage in Rats Bone-Marrow Cells. J Toxicol Environ Health AJ Toxicol Environ Health A2009 View Paper Paper Url
Association between the functional independence measure and Glasgow coma scale regarding the rehabilitation outcomes of traumatic brain injuryNeurosciences 2009medicine2009 View Paper Paper Url
Toxicity Evaluation of Aluminium on Adult Female MiceJournal of Animal and Veterinary Advances.Toxicology2008 View Paper Paper Url
Learning priorities and attitudes towards computer-assisted learning of general medical practitioners, general dental practitioners and dental hygienistsdental practitioners and dental hygienistdental hygie2006 View Paper Paper Url
Prevalence of X-chromatin in Jordanian women.Saudi Med JForensic Science 2004 View Paper Paper Url
Childhood eye injuries in North JordanInternational OphthalmologyMedicine1998 View Paper Paper Url