Published Researchs

Examining the Influence of Aggregate Shape Properties Measured Using Imaging Technique on the Flexural Strength of ConcreteInternational Review of Civil Engineering (I.RE.C.E.)Civil Engineering / Pavement materials 2022  Visit URL
Effect of glass fiber on the properties of expansive soil and its utilization as subgrade reinforcement in pavement applicationsCase Studies in Construction MaterialsGeotechnical Engineering2021  Visit URL
Investigating the Effect of waste polystyrene dissolved in paint thinner product as an admixture and coating sealer on concrete propertiesInternational review of civil engineeringBuilding and construction2021  Visit URL
Investigating the effects of disc shaped thumb tacks as a “fiber” reinforcement on various concrete propertiesCase studies in Construction MaterialsConstruction Materials2019  Visit URL
Effect of Sand Placement Method on the Interface FrictionInternational Journal of CivilMaterial2016  Visit URL
Laboratory investigation of anisotropic behavior of HMAConference Proceedings of 2006 International Conference on Prepetual PavementPrepetual Pavement2006  Visit URL
Mechanistic Evaluation of Georgia Loaded Wheel Tester and its ImpliocationsInternational Conference on Highway Pavement Data, analysis and mechanistic design applicationsAccelerated pavement testing2003  Visit URL
Effect of Wheat Straw Ash on Mechanical Properties of Autoclaved MortarCement and Concrete ResearchMaterials2002  Visit URL