Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Detecting and Correcting Unmotivated Tense Shifts by EFL English -major Jordanian UndergraduatesJournal of Language Teaching and ResearchLinguistics2014 View Paper Paper Url
The Unfathomable Poetic in “The Task of the Translator” Journal of Language and LiteratureTranslation 2014 View Paper Paper Url
Translating Arabic Perfect Verbs into English by Jordanian undergraduatesJournal of Language and LiteratureSyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
Inflectional Change Patterns in ArabicPsychology of Language and CommunicationMorphology2013 View Paper Paper Url
Consonantal Assilimilation in Four Dialects of Jordanian ArabicStudies in Literature and LanguagePhonology2013 View Paper Paper Url
Case Checking in Verbless Sentences Functioning as embedded Clauses in Modern Standard Arabic: A Minimalist AccountTheory and Practice in Language Studiessyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
On the Theory of Multiple Feature-Checking: Arabic Verbs of Speech and CommunicationLanguage Teaching and ResearchSyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
Integrating Critical Thinking Skills in American Literature ClassesCross-Cultural CommunicationLiterature Teaching strategies2012 View Paper Paper Url
The Diminutive in Modern Standard Arabic: An Optimality Theoretical AnalysisCanadian Social Sciencephonology2012 View Paper Paper Url