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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Adolescents’ cognitive capacity reaches adult levels prior to their psychosocial maturity: Evidence for a “maturity gap” in a multinational, cross-sectional sample. ,,Law and Human BehaviorEducation/Psychology2019 Paper Url
Environmental harshness and unpredictability, life history, and social and academic behavior of adolescents in nine countries. ,Developmental Psychology,Education/Psychology2019 Paper Url
Parental acceptance-rejection and child prosocial behavior: Developmental transactions across the transition to adolescence in nine countries, mothers and fathers, and girls and boys. .Developmental Psychology,Education/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Within- and between-person and group variance in behavior and beliefs in cross-cultural longitudinal dataJournal of AdolescenceEducation/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Longitudinal associations between parenting and youth adjustment in twelve cultural groups: Cultural normativeness of parenting as a moderator. ,Developmental Psychology,Education/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Associations between perceived material deprivation, parents’ discipline practices, and children’s behavior problems: An international perspective.Child Development.Education/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Bidirectional relations between parenting and behavior problems from age 8 to 13 in nine countries. Journal of Research on AdolescenceJournal of Research on AdolescenceEducation/Psychology2018 Paper Url
A cross-sectional examination of response inhibition and working memory on the Stroop Task.Cognitive DevelopmentEducation/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Age patterns in risk taking across the world.Journal of Youth and AdolescenceEducation/Psychology2018 Paper Url
Puberty predicts approach but not avoidance behavior on the Iowa Gambling Task in a multinational sample.Child DevelopmentEducation/Psychology2017 Paper Url
Puberty predicts approach but not avoidance behavior on the Iowa Gambling Task in a multinational sample.Child DevelopmentEducation/Psychology2017 Paper Url
Reward sensitivity, impulse control, and social cognition as mediators of the link between childhood family adversity and externalizing behavior in eight countries.Development and Psychopathology, ,Education/Psychology2017 Paper Url
“Mixed blessings”: Parental religiousness, parenting, and child adjustment in global perspective.Journal of Child Psychology and PsychiatryEducation/Psychology2017 Paper Url
Severity and justness do not moderate the relation between corporal punishment and negative child outcomes: A multicultural and longitudinal study.International Journal of Behavioral DevelopmentEducation/Psychology2017 Paper Url
Positive parenting and childrens prosocial behavior in eight countries.Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, ,Education/Psychology2016 Paper Url
Autism treatments used by parents in Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesAustin J Autism & Related DisabilitiesEducation/Psychology2016 Paper Url
Mothers’, fathers’, and children’s perceptions of parents’ expectations about children’s family obligations in nine countries. International Journal of PsychologyEarly Childhood2016 Paper Url
Interaction of reward seeking and self-regulation in the prediction of risk taking: A cross-national test of the dual systems model.Developmental PsychologyEducation/Psychology2016 Paper Url
How international research on parenting advances understanding of child development. Child Development Perspectives Early Childhood2016 Paper Url
Individual, family, and culture level contributions to child physical abuse and neglect: A longitudinal study in nine countries.Development and PsychopathologyEarly Childhood2015 Paper Url
Hostile attributional bias and aggressive behavior in global context. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,Early Childhood2015 Paper Url
Mother and father socially desirable responding in nine countries: Two kinds of agreement and relations to parenting self-reports. International Journal of PsychologyEarly Childhood2015 Paper Url
Perceived mother and father acceptance-rejection predict four unique aspects of child adjustment across nine countriesJournal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Early Childhood2015 Paper Url
Corporal punishment, maternal warmth, and child adjustment: A longitudinal study in eight countries. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent PsychologyEarly Childhood2014 Paper Url
A randomised evaluation of the Better Parenting Programme in Jordan. ,, Early Childhood MattersEarly Childhood2014 Paper Url
A longitudinal examination ofmothers’ and fathers’ social information processing biases and harsh discipline in nine countries. Development and PsychopathologyEarly Childhood2014 Paper Url
Neighborhood danger, parental monitoring, harsh parenting, and child aggression in nine countries. SocietiesEarly Childhood2014 Paper Url
Agreement in mother and father acceptance-rejection, warmth, and hostility/rejection/neglect of children across nine countriesCross-Cultural ResearchEducation2012 Paper Url
Boys’ and Girls’ Relational and Physical Aggression in Nine Countries. . , Aggressive BehaviorEducation2012 Paper Url
Attributions and Attitudes of Mothers and Fathers in Jordan. Parenting: Science and PracticeEducation2012 Paper Url
The association between parental warmth and control in thirteen cultural GroupsJournal of Family PsychologyEducation2011 Paper Url
Measurement invariance of discipline in different cultural contexts. , Family ScienceEducation2011 Paper Url
Corporal Punishment of Children in Nine Countries as a Function of Child Gender and Parent Gender. , International Journal of PediatricsEducation2010 Paper Url
Evaluation of the Better Parenting Program in Jordan.Early Child Development and CareEducation2010 Paper Url
Assessing the school readiness of children in Jordan. , .Journal of Educational ResearchEducation2009 Paper Url
School-parents/community partnership: The experience of teachers who received the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. , .The School Community JournalEducation2009 Paper Url
Child, family, and community characteristics associated with school readiness in Jordan. Early Years Journal: , An International Journal of Research and DevelopmentEducation2009 Paper Url
Education reform and the quality of kindergartens in Jordan.Early Child Development and CareEducation2009 Paper Url
دمج الطلبة ذوي الاعاقة السمعية في المدارس العادية من وجهة نظر المعلمين. .المجلة الاردنية في العلوم التربوية.Education2009 Paper Url
اتجاهات طلبة تخصص الطفولة المبكرة في الجامعة الهاشمية نحو التخصص وعلاقتها بجنسهم ومستواهم الدراسي والتحصيلي. المجلة الاردنية في العلوم التربويةEducation2007 Paper Url
Undergraduate students motivations and obstacles to volunteer: Perceptions of the Hashemite University Students, Jordan. , Journal of Educational ResearchEducation2007 Paper Url
“Involving Immigrant Parents of Students with Disabilities in the Educational Process”. , Teaching Exceptional ChildrenEducation2002 Paper Url