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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
THEY WERE HERE Graffiti by Tourists in the Ancient City of Jerash, JordanJournal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studiestourism2022 Paper Url
Cultural Heritage: A Tourism Product of Egypt under Risk. Journal of Environmental Management and TourismJournal of Environmental Management and TourismTourism2021 Paper Url
Applying competing values framework to Jordanian hotelsAnatolia An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality ResearchTourism & Hospitality Management2021 Paper Url
CASE STUDIES AS A LEARNING METHOD: THE EXAMPLE OF TOURISM CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN JORDANAnalele Universit??ii din Oradea, Seria Geografietourism and education2021 Paper Url
Case Studies as a Learning Method: The Example of Sustainability at the Heritage Site of Um Qais/JordanInternational Journal of Tourism & Hotel Business Managementtourism2019 Paper Url
Assessing the Acceptance of Tourism and Hospitality Students of Jordanian Universities’ Contribution to their Training and EmploymentGeoJournal of Tourism and Geositestourism2019 Paper Url
A Human or Centipede? The Egyptian Influence on Nabataean CultureMediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryArchaeology2019 Paper Url
Measuring Holiday Satisfaction of American Tourists visiting the Dead Sea in JordanGeoJournal of Tourism and Geositestourism2019 Paper Url
Tourism Impacts in the Site of Umm Qais: An Overview, by: Mairna H. Mustafa, Dana H. Hijjawi & Fadi BalaawiJournal of Tourism and Hospitality Managementtourism2019 Paper Url
Tour Guides and the Protection of Archaeological SitesAnatoliatourism2019 Paper Url
Nabataean Fertility Myth, Place, time rituals and Actors Based on Archaeological Evidence, by Eyad Almasri & Mairna MustsfaMediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryArchaeology2019 Paper Url
Measuring the satisfaction of domestic tourists on travel agencies’ marketing mix: a pilot study from Jordan, by Nermeen Khasawneh & Mairna MustafaAfrican Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisuretourism2019 Paper Url
How the "Arab Spring" Influenced Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Jordan: Perceptions of Workers in Tourism and Hospitality Business, by Khalid M.A. Magablih & Mairna Hussein MustafaJournal of Tourism and Hospitality Managementtourism2019 Paper Url
MEDUSA IN NABATAEAN, HATRAN AND PALMYRENE CULTURESMediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryArchaeology2018 Paper Url
Tourism Crisis Management in Jordan: an OverviewAdvances in Social Sciences Research JournalTourism2018 Paper Url
Education or work: the perceptions of Petra locals about tourism child laborJournal of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementTourism2018 Paper Url
Cultural Heritage Site under Risk: A case Study from PetraMediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometrytourism, cultural heritage2017 Paper Url
Comments on Bedouin Funeral Rites in the Writings of Western Travelers and Explorers from the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry archaeology, anthropology 2014 Paper Url
Gender & Behavior in Archaeological SitesBy Mairna Mustafa, accepted for publication in: International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism AdministrationTourism, Psychology2014 Paper Url
ملكة الصحراء التي طواها النسيان: نظرة الى حياة الرحالة والاثارية البريطانية جيرترود بيلالبحث العلمي - الجمعية الأردنية للبحث العلميالاثار وتاريخ الرحالة2014 Paper Url
Evaluating Visitor Management at the Archaeological Site of PetraMediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometrytourism, visitor management2013 Paper Url
Tourism development at the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, Jordan: Residents’ Perspectivespublished online in: Journal of Heritage Tourism - 25 Aug 2013Tourism2013 Paper Url
Differences of Tourists Educational Levels in Holding Concern for Archaeological Sites (Case of Jordan).International Journal of Management in Educationtourism, education2013 Paper Url
Improving the Contribution of Domestic Tourism to the Economy of Jordan Asian Social ScienceTourism 2012 Paper Url
Heritage Tourism: A Book ReviewAdumatutourism, heritage2012 Paper Url
The Non-Consonance between Inputs of Tourism Curricula in Jordanian Universities and the Needs of Tourism Employment Market from the Perception of the IndustryInternational Education StudiesTourism2012 Paper Url
The Symbolism of Hand in Religious Thoughts and Semitic Sculpture.Jordan Journal of Artssymbolism, archaeology, heritage, religion 2011 Paper Url
Testing the Differences between International and Domestic Tourists of JordanInternational Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceTourism2011 Paper Url
Toward Empowering the Labor Saudization of Tourism Sector in Saudi ArabiaInternational Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceTourism2011 Paper Url
Potential of Sustaining Handicrafts as a Tourism Product in JordanInternational Journal of Business and Social Science, ,Tourism2011 Paper Url
The Impacts of Tourism Development on the Archaeological Site of Petra and Local Communities in Surrounding VillagesAsian Social ScienceTourism2011 Paper Url
The Determinants of Public Expenditures in JordanInternational Journal of Business and Social Science, ; , .Economy2011 Paper Url
Tourism and Globalization in the Arab WorldInternational Journal of Business and Social Science, , .Tourism2010 Paper Url
Potential of Energy Savings in the Hotel Sector in JordanEnergy Conversion and ManagementTourism & Energy Management2008 Paper Url