Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Mental Representation of English Past Tense Morphology by Jordanian EFL Students: A Dual Mechanism AnalysisDialectologiaLinguistics/ Morphosyntax2022 View Paper Paper Url
A Multiple Default Domain: ASemantics-Based AccountInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES)Linguistics/ Morphology/ TEFL2021 View Paper Paper Url
Similarity Effects on the Emergence of Default Inflection in Jordanian ArabicJordanJournal of Modern Languages and LiteraturesLinguistics/Discourse Analysis/ Morphosyntax2020 View Paper Paper Url
إدارة الصيانة العملية والمتقدمةPractical and Advanced Maintenace ManagementA translated Book2020 View Paper Paper Url
Grammatical number inflection in Arabic-speaking children and young adults with Down syndromeSouth African Journal of Communication DisordersLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2020 View Paper Paper Url
Pronunciation and linguistic bias in interviewing Arabic instructorsDialectologiaLinguistics/Morphosyntax2020 View Paper Paper Url
Expanding the default forms in the lexicon: the sound masculine plural inflectionOpci?nmorphology and syntax2020 View Paper Paper Url
Aspects of verb morphology in Jordanian Arabic folk songsCultural Heritage: At the Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences Proceedings of the Humboldt-KollegLinguistics/Morphosyntax2019 View Paper Paper Url
Patterns of Lexical Cohesion in Arabic Newspaper EditorialsJordanJournal of Modern Languages and LiteratureLinguistics/Discourse Analysis/ Morphosyntax2019 View Paper Paper Url
A Contrastive Study of Cohesion in Arabic and English Religious DiscourseInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature Linguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2017 View Paper Paper Url
The Contribution of L1 Phonemic Awareness into L2 Reading: The Case of Arab EFL ReadersInternational Education StudiesLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2014 View Paper Paper Url
Arabic Phonemic Awareness (PA): The Need for an Assessment ToolAsian Social ScienceLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax/Reading Strategies2014 View Paper Paper Url
Distribution and Appropriateness of Use of Logical Connectors in the Academic Writing of Jordanian English-Major UndergraduatesJournal of Educational & Psychological ScienceLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
TRANSLATING ARABIC PERFECT VERBS INTOENGLISH BY JORDANIAN UNDERGRADUATES Journal of Language and LiteraturLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
EFL English-Major Undergraduates Ability in Error Detection and Error Correction in Academic WritingEuropean Journal of Social SciencesLinguistics/ Discourse Analysis/Morphosyntax2013 View Paper Paper Url
The Elsewhere Inflection: Evidence from Nominal Patterns in Modern Standard ArabicSKASELinguistics2012 View Paper Paper Url
Communicative Language Teaching in an EFL Context: Learners Attitudes and Perceived ImplementationJournal of Language Teaching and ResearchLinguistics and EFL2012 View Paper Paper Url
Lending ears to EFL learners: Language difficultiesThe Australian Educational and Developmental PsychologistLinguistics and second language learning2011 View Paper Paper Url
An Architecture of the Lexicon: New PerspectivesStudies in Literature and LanguageLinguistics2011 View Paper Paper Url
Defaultness Patterns: A Diachronic AccountActa NeophilologicaHistorical linguistics and Morphosyntax2010 View Paper Paper Url
Grammaticalization patterns-Evidence from future markers.docAUMLAHistorical linguistics and Morphosyntax2010 View Paper Paper Url
Strategy Use by English-Major Jordanian UndergraduatesAustralian Educational and Developmental PsychologistMorpholgoy and EFL2010 View Paper Paper Url