Published Researchs

Enhancing resilience of advanced power protection systems in smart grids against cyber–physical threatsIET Renewable Power GenerationEnergy and Electrical Engineering 2024  Visit URL
Smart Grid Resilience for Grid-Connected PV and Protection Systems under Cyber ThreatsSmart CitiesEnergy and Electrical Engineering 2023  Visit URL
Skeleton of Implementing Voice Control for Building Automation SystemsScientific ProgrammingAutomation and Cybersecurity2022  Visit URL
Quantitative Impact Analysis of Application-level Attacks on a Robotic PlatformInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensicscyber-physical security; robot availability; attacks; vulnerability; risk assessment; PeopleBot2021  Visit URL
IGNORE: A Policy Server to Prevent Cyber-Attacks from Propagating to the Physical Domain APPLIED SCIENCESCyber-physical Security2020  Visit URL
Risk assessment of smart grids under cyber-physical attacks using Bayesian networksInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital ForensicsSmart Grids Security2020  Visit URL
Analysing and modelling worm propagation speed in the smart grid communication infrastructureInternational Journal of Embedded SystemsSmart grids security2019  Visit URL
Semi-Quantitative Security Risk Assessment of Robotic Systems Jordanian Journal OF Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)Robotics Security, Cyber-physical systems security2018  Visit URL
A Comprehensive Analysis of Smart Grid Systems against Cyber-Physical AttacksElectronicsCyber-physical Security2018  Visit URL
Analyzing Cyber-Physical Threats on Robotic PlatformsSensorsRobotic Systems Security2018  Visit URL
Resilience Evaluation of Demand Response as Spinning Reserve under Cyber-Physical ThreatsElectronics Smart Grid Security2016  Visit URL