Published Researchs

A Study on the Fuel Consumption Demands of the Jordanian Residential SectorJordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringEnergy demand analysis2024  Visit URL
A novel machine-learning schemes to predict heat transfer coefficient during condensation of CO2 in porous mediaJournal of Thermal Analysis and CalorimetryMachine Learning, Thermal Systems, Mechanical Engineering2023  Visit URL
Exploiting the adaptive neural fuzzy inference system for predicting the effect of notch depth on elastic new strain-concentration factor under combined loadingCluster ComputingMachine Learning, Fracture Mechanics, Solid Mechanics2023  Visit URL
Two-Dimensional Movement Photovoltaic Cleaning Robot with Speed ControlInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics ResearchRobotics2022  Visit URL
A novel integrated BPNN/SNN artificial neural network for predicting the mechanical performance of green fibers for better composite manufacturingComposite StructuresDeep machine learning, Composite materials, Neural network2022  Visit URL
A novel adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system model to predict the intrinsic mechanical properties of various cellulosic fibers for better green compositesCelluloseGreen Materials2021  Visit URL
Intelligent Vision-Based Real-Time Detection for Rough Terrain Navigation RobotInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics ResearchMechanical and Robotics2021  Visit URL
Hybrid Fuzzy-PID Closed Loop to regulate Quadcopter SystemInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics ResearchFuzzy Systems, fuzzy-PID Control, quadcopter, drone robot2021  Visit URL
Design a Vest using Embedded System for Human Body Vibrations MeasurementsInternational Journal of Control and AutomationModeling, Mechanical Design, Embedded systems2020  Visit URL
Bounded Interval Fuzzy Control for Half Vehicle’s Active Suspension SystemInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)Control System2019  Visit URL
A Novel Edge Detection Algorithm for Mobile Robot Path Planning Journal of RoboticsRobotics, Mechatronics2018  Visit URL
Decision fusion in mobile wireless sensor networks using cooperative multiple symbol differential space time codingAEU - International Journal of Electronics and CommunicationsMobile Wireless Sensor Networks2017  Visit URL
Multi Objective Optimization of Trajectory Planning of Non-holonomic Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment Using Enhanced GA by Fuzzy Motion Control and A*.Communications in Computer and Information Science Control and Robot2014  Visit URL
Intelligent Hybrid Approach for Multi Robots-Multi Objectives Motion Planning OptimizationInternational Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology and Engineering.Robot and Control2014  Visit URL
Cooperative OFDM for semi distributed detection in wireless sensor networksAEU- International Journal of Electronics and CommunicationsCommunication2014  Visit URL
Visual Fuzzy Logic Path Planning Controller for Mobile RobotsInternational Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology and Engineering. Control2014  Visit URL
Intelligent Tracking and Trajectory Navigation Approach for Blimp RobotInternational Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology and EngineeringControl2014  Visit URL
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Cooperative Space Time Coding for Semi Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor NetworksInternational Journal of Wireless Networks and Broadband Technologies (IJWNBT)Communication2012  Visit URL