Published Researchs

Deep stochastic reinforcement learning-based energy management strategy for fuel cell hybrid electric vehiclesEnergy Conversion and Managementclean energy vehicle, Control, Artificial Intelligence2023  Visit URL
Online reinforcement learning control of robotic arm in presence of high variation in friction forcesSystems Science & Control EngineeringControl, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence2023  Visit URL
A comprehensive comparison and control for different solar water heating system configurationsEngineering Science and Technology, an International Journalcontrol, simulation, solar system2022  Visit URL
A New Prototype of Smart Wearable Monitoring System Solution for Alzheimer’s PatientsMedical Devices: Evidence and Research- (Auckland)Biomedical engineering2021  Visit URL
Battery Electric Vehicle Powertrain Modeling, Simulation, and Performance AnalysisInternational Review on Modelling and Simulations (IREMOS)Modeling and simulation of Mechatronics system2021  Visit URL
Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Comparison of Conventional Vehicle Against Three Configurations of Hybrid VehiclesInternational Review on Modelling and Simulations (IREMOS)Hybrid Vehicles, Modeling and simulation2016  Visit URL
Hybrid Vehicular Fuel Cell/Battery Powertrain Test Bench: Design, Construction, and Performance TestingTransactions of the Institute of Measurement and Controlhybrid vehicles, Design of mechatronics systems, control2016  Visit URL
Performance Comparison of Adaptive Neural Networks and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Brain Cancer ClassificationJordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineeringapplications of artificial intelligence, modeling2014  Visit URL
AUTOMATED INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTIC OF ALZHEIMER DISEASE BASED ON NEURO-FUZZY SYSTEM AND DISCRETE WAVELET TRANSFORMBiomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communicationsapplications of artificial intelligence, modeling2014  Visit URL
Effect of an Insulation Layer to Prevent Water Vapor Condensation along the Inside Surface of a Building Wall Using an Artificial Neural NetworkJournal of Infrastructure Systemsapplications of artificial intelligence, modeling2014  Visit URL
Model Development and Analysis of a Mid-Sized Hybrid Fuel Cell/Battery Vehicle with a Representative Driving CycleJournal of Power Sourceshybrid vehicles,Modeling and simulation2014  Visit URL
Intelligent Control for Optimal Performance of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Auto RickshawEnergy Procediahybrid vehicle, applications of artificial intelligence, control, simulation 2012  Visit URL
Experimental Study of Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit Using Drop In Hydro Carbon Mixture to Replace R-22Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringEnergy, control2012  Visit URL
A Novel Adaptive Neural Network Compensator as Applied to Position Control of a Pneumatic SystemIntelligent Control and Automationmodeling, simulation, applications of artificial intelligence, control, Pneumatics 2011  Visit URL
Analysis and validation of a Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit model of a fuel cell hybrid rickshawINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCHHybrid Vehicles, Modeling and simulation2011  Visit URL
A Study of Fuel Cell Hybrid Auto Rickshaws Using Realistic Urban Drive CyclesJordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringModeling and simulation of Mechatronics system2010  Visit URL