Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Factors Affecting the Adoption of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques in Audit Process: Findings from JordanBusiness and Economic ResearchAuditing Technology 2016 Paper Url
Development of Conceptual Framework for Knowledge Management ProcessJournal of Modern Accounting and AuditingKnowledge Management2011 Paper Url
Knowledge Based Risk Management Framework for Information Technology ProjectInternational Journal of Information ManagementRisk Management 2011 Paper Url
أثر استخدام برامجيات تخطيط موارد المشروع (ERP) في تحقيق أمثلية خلق القيمة في المنظمات الصناعية الأردنية Jordan Journal of Business Administration, An International Refereed Research JournalAccounting Information Systems2011 Paper Url
"Simulation Discounted Cash Flow Valuation for Internet Companies"International Journal of Business Information Systems (IJBIS)Accounting/valuation2010 Paper Url
"Validity of Accounting Model in the knowledge Era"International Journal of Value Chain ManagementAccountig Theory2010 Paper Url