Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Financial sustainability and outreach in microfinance institutions: evidence from MENA countriesJournal of Sustainable Finance & InvestmentFinancial Economics2021 Paper Url
The effect of fragility on foreign direct investment deterioration: the case of MENA countriesJournal of Sustainable Finance & InvestmentInternational Economics2021 Paper Url
Macroeconomic Variables and the Stock Market Index: Empirical Evidence from MENA CountriesIndian Journal of Economics and BusinessFinancial Economics2021 Paper Url
Jordanian Banking System: Analysis of Technical Efficiency and PerformanceFINANCIAL STUDIESFinancial Economics2020 Paper Url
The impact of export instability on economic growth: sample of MENA countriesInternational Journal of Economics and Business ResearchInternational Economic and Economic Development2019 Paper Url
Banks Financial Innovation and the Demand on MoneyInternational Journal of Monetary Economics and FinanceMacroeconomic2019 Paper Url
Banks Financial Innovation and the Demand on MoneyInternational Journal of Monetary Economics and FinanceFinancial Economics2019 Paper Url
Impact of Infrastructure Expenditure on GCC’s Global CompetitivenessJournal of Economic & Management PerspectivesEconomic Development2019 Paper Url
Remittances and Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from JordanInternational Journal of Business and Social ScienceEconomic Development2017 Paper Url
Feldstein Horioka Puzzle in Jordan: Real or FancyInternational Journal of Economic PerspectivesInternational Economics2017 Paper Url
Measuring the Impact of External Funding on Economic Growth in Jordan an EconometricZU JournalInternational Economics2016 Paper Url
The Impact of Technological Development on Jordanian Industrial SectorInternational Journal of Business and ManagementMacroeconomics2016 Paper Url
Empirical Investigation Of Capital Flight And Economic Growth In JordanInternational Journal of Statistics and SystemsMacroeconomics2015 Paper Url
Risk and Return in Emerging Stock Market:An Applied Study on the Amman Stock ExchangeEuropean Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative SciencesFinancial Economics2015 Paper Url
Economic Gaps and it’s Impact on Economic Growth – Jordan Case (1999-2008)Zarqa Journal for Research and Studies in HumanitiesInternational Economics2014 Paper Url
External Debt and Economic Growth: Case of Jordan (1990-2011)Journal of Economics and Sustainable DevelopmentMacroeconomics2013 Paper Url