Published Researchs

Ideological representations of women in Jordanian folk proverbs from the perspective of cultural semioticsHumanities and Social Sciences CommunicationsLinguistics2024  Visit URL
Diglossic Code-Switching Phenomenon in Jordanian Newspaper Satirical ArticlesGEMA Online® Journal of Language Studies Linguistics 2024  Visit URL
Language Maintenance: The Case of Modern Standard Arabic Among BilingualsJournal of Language Teaching and ResearchLinguistics2024  Visit URL
Graduate Students’ ChatGPT Experience and Perspectives during Thesis WritingInternational Journal of Engineering PedagogyLinguistics2024  Visit URL
A Comparative Stylistic Analysis of Anne Hunter’s ‘Winter’ and Charles Simic’s ‘Against Winter’: Pedagogical Implications for EFL StudentsEurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics,Linguistics2024  Visit URL
Acoustics of long vowels in Arabic-speaking children with hearing impairmentshumanities and social sciences communicationsphonetics2023  Visit URL
A Semiotic Approach to the Analysis of Jordanian Cartoons and Memes on COVID-19International Journal of Society, Culture & Language (IJSCL)Linguistics2023  Visit URL
A Pragmatic Study on Managing Rapport in Responding to Reprimands in Jordanian ArabicJournal of Ethnic and Cultural StudiesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
The impact of L2 English on choice perception, interpretation, and preference for L1 Arabic speakersLanguage and Cognition psycholinguistics; cognitive linguistics 2023  Visit URL
The impact of COVID-19 and its terminology learning strategies on EFL learners’ vocabulary repertoireAmpersandLinguistics2023  Visit URL
The art of rhetoric: persuasive strategies in Biden’s inauguration speech: a critical discourse analysisHumanities and Social Sciences CommunicationsLinguistics2023  Visit URL
The Ideology of Tolerance in King Abdullah’s Speeches: A Critical Discourse Analysis StudyInternational Journal of Arabic-English StudiesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
The Effects of Private Speech on the Speaking Proficiency of Young Jordanian English as a Foreign Language StudentsEast European Journal of PsycholinguisticsLinguistics 2023  Visit URL
Refusing Invitations: A Contrastive Pragmatic Study of Jordanian Arabic and Castilian SpanishDirasat:Human and Social SciencesPragmatics&Discourse analysis2023  Visit URL
Normativity and Variation in the Address Terms System Practiced among the Jordanian Youth CommunityLanguagesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
Mobile-Assisted Listening Instructions with Jordanian Audio Materials: A Pathway to EFL Proficiency International Journal of Interactive Mobile TechnologiesLinguistics2023  Visit URL
Challenges and Strategies of Translating COVID-19 Adjective-Noun and Noun-Noun Collocations from English into ArabicEurasian Journal of Applied LinguisticsTranslation Studies2022  Visit URL
A corpus-based pragmatic analysis of Jordanians’ Facebook Status Updates during COVID-19AmpersandLinguistics2022  Visit URL
The Communication of Viewpoints in Jordanian Arabic: A Pragmatic StudyOpen LinguisticsLinguistics2022  Visit URL
An Exploration of Graffiti on University’s Walls: A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis Study.Indonesian Journal of Applied LinguisticsLinguistics2017  Visit URL
Recalling the Past in Postcolonial Drama: From Counter-History to Sociopolitical RedressAdvances in Language and Literary StudiesLinguistics (Discourse Analysis)+Literature2017  Visit URL
Review of Virginia Woolfs Night and DayInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics and English LiteratureLinguistics +Literature2017  Visit URL
The Linguistic Features of Intertextuality in Jordans FreeInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics and English LiteratureLinguistics 2017  Visit URL
The Linguistic Technique of Parallelism in Al-Ahwas Al-Ansari’s Poetry: A Stylistic StudyInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English LiteratureLinguistics2017  Visit URL
A Linguistic Analysis of the Aesthetics of Intertextuality in Habib Al-Zyoudi’s Poetry. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English LiteratureLinguistics2017  Visit URL
Figurative Idiomatic Language: Strategies and Difficulties of Understanding English IdiomsInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English LiteratureApplied Linguistics2016  Visit URL
GRAPHICS AS A PEDAGOGICAL METHOD IN TEACHING GRAMMARJournal of Language and LiteratureApplied Linguistics2016  Visit URL
The Impact of Poor English Language Proficiency on Professional Development of Professors at Jordanian UniversitiesArab World English Journal (AWEJ)Applied Linguistics2016  Visit URL
Violence Patterns in Peckinpahs The Wild Bunch (1969): Critical Reading. International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature, linguistics and literature2016  Visit URL
Mechatronics Engineers’ Perception of Code Mixing: Philadelphia University and Hashemite University as a Case StudyInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature Linguistics 2016  Visit URL
Light and Dark in Pakula’s All the President’s MenInternational Journal of Language and Literaturelinguistics-literature 2016  Visit URL
A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis Study of WhatsApp Messenger’s Semantic NotificationsInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English LiteratureLinguistics- Discourse analysis2016  Visit URL
A Pragmatic Cross-Cultural Study of Complaints Expressions in Jordan and EnglandInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literaturesociolinguistics and pragamtics 2016  Visit URL
Different Perspectives of Approaching the Concept of Culture within Politeness FieldMediterranean Journal of Social SciencesLinguistics 2015  Visit URL
Teaching Modern Standard Arabic for Non-Native Speakers as a Lingua FrancaMediterranean Journal of Social SciencesApplied Linguistics2015  Visit URL
Cross-cultural Variation of Politeness Orientation & Speech Act Perception. International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature.English language/Linguistics2013  Visit URL
Gender and the Communication of Gratitude in Jordan.Open Journal of Modern LinguisticsEnglish Language /Linguistics2013  Visit URL
An Investigation of the Lesson Plans of Tenth Grade EFL Teachers in Amman Second Directorate of EducationThe Association of Arab Universities Journal for Education and PsychologyApplied Linguistics 2007  Visit URL