Published Researchs

A comparative study of LightGBM, XGBoost, and GEP models in shear strength management of SFRC-SBWSStructuresConstruction Management2024  Visit URL
Empirical exploration of predictive maintenance in concrete manufacturing: Harnessing machine learning for enhanced equipment reliability in construction project managementComputers & Industrial EngineeringConstruction Management2024  Visit URL
An expert system for highway construction: Multi-objective optimization using enhanced particle swarm for optimal equipment managementExpert Systems With ApplicationsConstruction Management2024  Visit URL
A comparative study of shear strength prediction models for SFRC deep beams without stirrups using Machine learning algorithmsStructuresConstruction Management2023  Visit URL
Structural performance of buried reinforced concrete pipelines under deep embankment soilConstruction InnovationStructural Engineering2023  Visit URL
Slope displacement detection in construction: An automated management algorithm for disaster preventionExpert Systems With ApplicationsConstruction Management2023  Visit URL
Machine learning-based models for predicting the shear strength of synthetic fiber reinforced concrete beams without stirrupsStructuresStructural Engineering2023  Visit URL
Exploring the efficacy of machine learning models for predicting soil radon exhalation ratesStochastic Environmental Research and Risk AssessmentMachine Learning2023  Visit URL
Prediction Liquidated Damages via Ensemble Machine Learning Model: Towards Sustainable Highway Construction ProjectsSustainabilityConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Optimization of the Structural Performance of Buried Reinforced Concrete Pipelines in Cohesionless SoilsMaterialsConstruction management and infrastructure2022  Visit URL
Extreme Gradient Boosting-Based Machine Learning Approach for Green Building Cost PredictionSustainabilityConstruction management and building2022  Visit URL
Forecasting Liquidated Damages via Machine Learning-Based Modified Regression Models for Highway Construction ProjectsSustainabilityConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Evaluating the Impact of External Support on Green Building Construction Cost: A Hybrid Mathematical and Machine Learning Prediction ApproachBuildingsConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Multiobjective and multivariable optimization for earthmoving equipmentJournal of Facilities ManagementConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Machine Learning Algorithm for Shear Strength Prediction of Short Links for Steel BuildingsBuildingsStructural Engineering2022  Visit URL
Machine Learning-Based Model for Predicting the Shear Strength of Slender Reinforced Concrete Beams without StirrupsBuildingsConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Breakthrough Curves Prediction of Selenite Adsorption on Chemically Modified Zeolite Using Boosted Decision Tree Algorithms for Water Treatment ApplicationsWaterEnvironmental Engineering2022  Visit URL
Selection of heavy machinery for earthwork activities: A multi-objective optimization approach using a genetic algorithmAlexandria Engineering JournalConstruction management2022  Visit URL
Vehicle collisions analysis on highways based on multi-user driving simulator and multinomial logistic regression model on US highways in MichiganInternational Journal of CrashworthinessConstruction Management2022  Visit URL
Machine learning models for predicting the residual value of heavy construction equipment: An evaluation of modified decision tree, LightGBM, and XGBoost regression Automation in ConstructionPrediction model2021  Visit URL
Gaussian mixture model evaluation of construction companies’ business acceptance capabilities in performing construction and maintenance activities during COVID-19 pandemicInternational Journal of Management Science and Engineering ManagementConstruction management2021  Visit URL
Risk Assessment Model for Optimal Gain–Pain Share Ratio in Target Cost Contract for Construction ProjectsJournal of Construction Engineering and ManagementConstruction management2021  Visit URL
Development of integrated asset management model for highway facilities based on risk evaluationInternational Journal of Construction ManagementConstruction management2021  Visit URL
Deep and machine learning approaches for forecasting the residual value of heavy construction equipment: a management decision support modelEngineering, Construction and Architectural ManagementDeep and machine learning approaches2021  Visit URL
DEA-based multi-criteria selection model and framework for design-build contractingInternational Journal of Management Science and Engineering Managementcontracting2021  Visit URL
Governmental Investment Impacts on the Construction Sector Considering the Liquidity TrapJournal of Management in EngineeringConstruction management2020  Visit URL