Academic Conferences

Academic PaperYearConfereceProceedings URL
Dynamic and Operational Characteristics of Three-Phase Induction Motor Powered by Lead-Acid Battery Driving Centrifugal Pump Gassan202314th International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC 2023) Visit URL
The Impact of AVR Reference Voltage on the Performance of Grid-Integrated Synchronous-Photovoltaic Generators2022International Renewable Energy Congress 2022 (IREC 2022) Visit URL
On the Dynamical and Operational Performance Analysis of Lead-Acid Battery Interfaced to Electrical Grid2019International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy 2019 (IAPE19) Visit URL
Energy Models for Analyzing the Economic Wide Impact of the Environmental Policies2015International Conference on Energy and Economy Visit URL
Large-Disturbance Stability of Grid-Integrated Photovoltaic Generator with MPPT2014International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (SPEDAM 2014), Visit URL
Maximizing Wind Farm Power Using Wake Control System2014Proceeding of International Conference of Energy and Environment Visit URL
Performance Characteristics of PV-Powerd DC Shunt and PM Motors Through DC-DC Converter2012International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Applications (ICEECA 2012), Visit URL
Modeling, Dynamic Characteristics and Steady-State Performance of Hybrid Powered DC Shunt Motor via Photovoltaic and Permanent-Magnet DC Generators2011The Third International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC 2011), Visit URL
Modeling, Simulation and Performance Characteristics DC Series Motor Powered by Photovoltaic and DC Shunt Generators2011The Third International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC 2011) Visit URL
PV-Powered DC Motors2010The National Campaign on Public Awareness For the Drivers of Change Workshop, The 15th Jordan Science Week "Science and Technology: Drivers of Change Visit URL
Transient and Steady-State Characteristics of DC Machines Fed By Solar Cells2009Global Conference on Renewable and Energy Efficiency for DEsert Regions 2009 (GCREEDER 2009), Visit URL
Wind Energy Generation Units and Related Consequences on The Gird- A Short Survey2009International Conference and Exhibition on Green Energy & Sustainability For Arid Regions &Mediterranean Countries 2009, (ICEGES 2009) Visit URL
Bifurcation Analysis of Subsynchronous Resonance of The IEEE Second Benchmark Model with TCSC2008Modern Nonlinear Theory (MNT 2008), 2nd IASTED International Symposium Visit URL
Directly Driven Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet Electrical Machine Prototype For Wind Energy Applications2007International University’s Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2007) Visit URL
Cogging Torque Reduction of a Novel Low-Speed High-Energy Permanent-Magnet Electrical Machine2006Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM 2006) Visit URL
Design, Construction and Test of a Permanent-Magnet Prototype Machine for Wind Energy Applications2005International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS’05), Visit URL
Design and Construction of a Low-Speed Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet Wind-Energy Converter with New Configuration20056th Symposium on Advanced Electromechanical Motion Systems (Electromotion 2005) Visit URL
Modern Nonlinear Theory as Applied to SSR of the IEEE Second Benchmark Model2003IEEE Bologna Power Tech Visit URL