Academic Conferences

Academic PaperYearConfereceProceedings URL
Use of recycled Concrete Rubble as Coarse Aggregates in Concrete2012jordanian international civil engineering conference Visit URL
Prediction of the Transition Rise of a Circular Plate2008The 3rd IMS International Conference on:Applications of Traditional and High Performance Materials Visit URL
Investigation of Depth and Inclination of Surface Cracks in Concrete Slabs using Ultrasonic Technique20062nd International conference on Applications of Traditional and High Performance Materials in Harsh Environments Visit URL
Resedual Stress Distribution Produced by Inconvenient Storage Conditions2005Fifth International Conference on: Composite Science and Technology Visit URL
Utilization of recycled scrap tires and glass in concrete mixes2004physics of buildings and environment protection syrian, egyptian and deutch workshop Visit URL
The Role of Interface Element for Strip Plate on Elastic Media2004International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering Visit URL