Academic Conferences

Academic PaperYearConfereceAbstractConf. Link
Genetics of risk and resilience in Syrian refugee youth2017The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Symposium: Collaborations across anthropology and genetics Paper Link
Three Circles of Alemat: Growth and Sustainability through Mentoring 2016AAAS Paper Link
Genome-wide association study identifies new type 2 diabetes risk loci in Jordan subpopulations 201666 th annual meeting of American society for human genetics Paper Link
A research partnership evaluating program efficacy on stress and cognition among adolescent Syrian refugees in Jordan”, 2016Adolescence, Youth and Gender” Building Knowledge for Change Paper Link
Do stress biomarkers track poverty, stress and trauma? Evaluating war affected youth2015“Human biology of poverty” Sympsium of the society for the study of human biolog Paper Link