Ongoing Research
    1. Investigating the Potential of Groundwater Pollution by Nitrate using Contaminant Transport Models.
    2. Studying the Effect of Carbonate Content on Chemical and Physical Aggregate Stability in Calcareous Soils.
    3. Global aspatial and local spatial regression modelling of surface soil organic carbon using Landsat TM data in a semi-arid environment
    4. Investigating the Effect of Land Use Land Cover on Soil Bulk Density using Math Modeling Techniques based on Physical and Morphological Data
    5. Spatial Variability and Prediction of Soil Bulk Density using Weighted Regression Technique.
    6. Assessment of climate change adaptation measures for  Amman-Zarqa Basin (AZB), Northeast Jordan.
    7. Optimization of Water Use Efficiency of Green House Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Growing under Deficit Irrigation in Jordan Valley.