Ongoing Research

1)     Electromagnetic scattering by small particles


a) Fiber like particles


Electromagnetic scattering by small particles with specific shapes (fibers, discs, etc.) has recently elicited interest over the long and short wavelengths spectral regions. These particles can be used as obscurant materials when manufactured with specific geometry and material contents. I studied the electromagnetic response by fiber like particles numerically and experimentally. I have produced an efficient numerical code which calculates the scattering and absorption cross section using two different numerical approaches (Alyones Code). My code is being used now at different research places over the US. In the long wavelength region I have verified the code experimentally and in the short wavelength region our group at NMSU still working to verify the code experimentally through funded research project with Professor Charles Bruce.


b) Disc like particles

Discs shape particles tend to be less efficient as obscurant than fibers, but have broad absorption spectrum. Currently, I am studying the electromagnetic response of such particles numerically and experimentally in collaboration with Prof. Charles Bruce, NMSU. The existing numerical solution tends be not valid for all disc parameters or less accurate.


2) Nano Technology


    In the short wavelength region (infrared and visible). My numerical code suggests that nano

    diameter highly conducting fibers with few micrometer length will be absorption dominant, this

    depends on  the skin depth of the material. My code works also for coated fibers. This brings us

    to manufacturing efficient absorption fibers from carbon nano tubes by coating them with a nano

    size highly conducting materials.