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News of Science

Data on metal chemistry             described by researchers at Hashemite University

According to recent research from Zarqa, Jordan, "Aldimine 2,6-bis[(imino)methyl pyridine iron(II) (1, 4, and 6) and cobalt(II) (3 and 5) complexes bearing bulky cycloaliphatic (bornyl and myrtanyl) or aromatic (naphthyl) terminal groups have been applied successfully, after activation with methyl aluminoxane (MAO), as catalysts for the polymerization of tert-butylacrylate.



Chemicals and Chemistry

Studies from A. Abu-Surrah and Colleagues Yield New Information about Acyclic Acids

"2,6-bis[1-(cis)-myrtanylimino)ethyl]pyridineiron(II) chloride (2) and 2,6-bis[(1-phenylimino)ethyl]pyridineiron(II) chloride (3) were investigated as novel complexes for iron-mediated atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and tert-butyl acrylate (tBA) using toluene as the solvent, and ethyl 2-bromoisobutyrate as the initiator. A catalyst/initiator molar ratio as low as 0.1/1 was used in order to reduce catalyst contamination to the polymers," researchers in Jordan report.



News of Science

New findings in metal chemistry described from Hashemite University


"A new series of penta-coordinated Co(III)-, Fe(III)-, and Cr(III)- complexes (6-10) bearing N-salicylidineisopropylaniline and sodium N-(4-sulfonitsalicylidine-isopropyl-aniline) ligands has been synthesized and utilized, after activation with methyl aluminoxane, as catalysts for the polymerization of tert-butylacrylate (t-BA). High molar mass P(t-BA) polymers with very low molecular weight distributions were produced (D = 1.06-1.09)," investigators in Zarqa, Jordan report.


Scopus                Awards

Scopus Awards in Jordan bring together national leaders and researchers

ScopusOn March 31, a Scopus Awards event in Amman, Jordan drew nearly 100 researchers. Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society and Ministry of Higher Education, as well as Elsevier, cosponsored the event.

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, the president of the society and head of the Princess Sumaya University for Technology Board of Trustees, said, "I am confident the interesting part is still to come. We'll continue to develop a talent pool, develop intellectual property and facilitate usage in Jordan." HE Dr. Walid Al Maani, Jordan's minister of higher education and scientific research, spoke about the need to monitor the quality and quantity of scientific output as well as centralize research activity.

(Left to right) Herman van Campenhout presents a gift of Dutch pottery to HRH Princess Sumaya, as Jordanian Minister of Higher Education HE Dr. Walid Al Maani and Elsevier Event Manager Alberto Rodriguez-Zapata look on.

Elsevier CEO Science & Technology Herman van Campenhout presented the awards.

The winners were the following:

Dr. Mousa Mohsen, Dr. Adnan Abu-Surrah and Dr. Khaled Abu-Elteen (with Hashemite University)


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Academic Title: Professor
Administrative Title: Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies
Name: Adnan Abu-Surrah
Department: Department of Chemistry
Department Website:
Institution: Hashemite University
Address: P.O. Box 150459
Zarqa 13115
Highest Degree: Ph.D.
Date of Degree: 1997
Degree Institution: Ulm University

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Medicinal Chemistry