Published Researchs

Design modifications and evaluation of the silicone artificial finger jointsBio-Medical Materials and EngineeringBiomedical Engineering2023  Visit URL
Electromyography Monitoring Systems in Rehabilitation: A Review of Clinical Applications, Wearable Devices and Signal Acquisition MethodologiesElectronics (Switzerland)Biomedical Engineering2023  Visit URL
A New Technique for Connecting a Dual Excitation Synchronous Generator to the Power GridEnergiesElectrical engineering2023  Visit URL
Social Media Devices’ Influence on User Neck Pain during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Collaborating Vertebral-GLCM Extracted Features with a Decision TreeJournal of ImagingBiomedical Engineering , healthcare, and AI2023  Visit URL
IoT Solutions and AI-Based Frameworks for Masked-Face and Face Recognition to Fight the COVID-19 PandemicSensorsBiomedical Engineering2023  Visit URL
Methodologies and Wearable Devices to Monitor Biophysical Parameters Related to Sleep Dysfunctions: An OverviewMicromachinesBiomedical Engineering2022  Visit URL
Automated Detection of Left Bundle Branch Block from ECG Signal Utilizing the Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform with ANFISComputers (Switzerland)Advances of Machine and Deep Learning in the Health2022  Visit URL
Assessment of Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform to Improve SNR in Collaboration with Neuro-Fuzzy System for Heart-Sound IdentificationElectronics (Switzerland)Biomedical Engineering, AI, Signal Processing, Complex wavelet transform2022  Visit URL
Solar Radiation Forecasting by Pearson Correlation Using LSTM Neural Network and ANFIS Method: Application in the West-Central JordanFuture InternetArtificial Intelligence, Solar Radiation Forecasting2022  Visit URL
A Prototype of an Electronic Pegboard Test to Measure Hand-Time Dexterity with Impaired Hand FunctionalityApplied System InnovationBiomedical engineering2022  Visit URL
Validation of earlobe site as an alternative blood glucose testing approachTechnology and Health CareBiomedical Engineering2022  Visit URL
A New Prototype of Smart Wearable Monitoring System Solution for Alzheimer’s PatientsMedical Devices: Evidence and Research- (Auckland)Biomedical engineering2021  Visit URL
Framework Classification of Heart Sound Signals in PhysioNet Challenge 2016 Using High Order Statistics and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference SystemIEEE AccessBiomedical engineering2020  Visit URL
Three-dimensional surface presentation of optic nerve head from SPECTRALIS OCT images: observing glaucoma patientsInternational OphthalmologyBiomedical engineering - Image processing / Glaucoma2019  Visit URL
Three-dimensional surface presentation of optic nerve head from SPECTRALIS OCT images: observing glaucoma patientsInternational OphthalmologyBiomedical engineering - Image processing / Glaucoma2019  Visit URL
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