Published Researchs

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White as a Symbol of Death and Eternity in Darwish’s and Lorca’s Poetry: A Comparative StudyJournal of Language Teaching and ResearchComparative Literature2023  Visit URL
Flouting the Maxim of Relation in the English and Spanish Translations of the Qur’anThe International Journal of Critical Cultural StudiesTranslation2023  Visit URL
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Semantic Functions of Overt and Ellipted Arabic Vocative Particle Y? in Surat YusufEuropean Journal of Social SciencesApplied Linguistics and Translation2017  Visit URL
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Found in Translation: Glowing Expressions of Class, Wealth, Bourgeois and Aristocracy in Jordanian Shop SignsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONtranslation2014  Visit URL
The Socio-Cultural, Historical, and Political Allusions in the Translation of the Saudi National Day Poetry: "Peace, O Gracious King" as a Case StudyStudies in Literature and Languageliterature, language and translation2014  Visit URL
Electoral Slogans in Jordan: A Translational and Politcal AnalysisInternational Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceTranslation2014  Visit URL
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