Published Researchs

Quantitative Impact Analysis of Application-level Attacks on a Robotic PlatformInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensicscyber-physical security; robot availability; attacks; vulnerability; risk assessment; PeopleBot2021  Visit URL
Automatic License Plate Detection and Recognition for Jordanian VehiclesAdvances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems JournalANPR, Jordanian license plates, rectangularity, make of the vehicle2020  Visit URL
Analyzing Cyber-Physical Threats on Robotic PlatformsSensorsMobile robot; Robotic platform; Cyber-physical Systems; Risk management2018  Visit URL
Intelligent Traffic Light Scheduling Technique Using Calendar-Based History InformationFuture Generation Computer SystemsIntelligent Traffic System, Traffic Management and Control ,Traffic Simulator2018  Visit URL
Hardware design and modeling of lightweight block ciphers for secure communicationsFuture Generation Computer SystemsSecurity; Information security; Cipher; Encryption; Cryptography;2017  Visit URL
Solving the robot-world hand-eye(s) calibration problem with iterative methodsMachine Vision and ApplicationsRobot, Hand-eye Calibration, Reconstruction2017  Visit URL
Extrinsic Calibration of Camera and 2D Laser Sensors without OverlapSensors Calibration; range sensing; mobile robot; mapping; 2D lidar sensor2017  Visit URL
Modeling and optimization of the lightweight HIGHT block cipher design with FPGA implementationSecurity and Communication NetworksSecurity, FPGA2016  Visit URL
Building 3D visual maps of interior space with a new hierarchical sensor fusion architectureRobotics and Autonomous SystemsComputer Vision, Robotics2013  Visit URL
Intelligent Traffic Light Flow Control System Using Wireless Sensors NetworksJournal of Information Science and EngineeringWireless Sensor Networks2010  Visit URL