Published Researchs

Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
A Golgi study of neurons in the camel cerebellum (Camelus dromedarius)Anatomical RecordNeuroanatomy2022 Paper Url
Assessment of multiple choice question exams quality using graphical methodsJournal of University Teaching & Learning PracticeEducation2022 Paper Url
Patient Health Questionnaire-9 and Generalized Anxiety Discorders-7: Arabic Version Reliability in JordanJordan Medical JournalClinical Psychology2022 Paper Url
The clinicopathological features of programmed death ligand-1 expression in colorectal carcinomaThe international journal of biological markers Oncology, pathology 2022 Paper Url
Unusual histopathological findings in appendectomy specimens with clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis: A retrospective cohort analysisAnnals of medicine and surgeryGeneral Surgery2021 Paper Url
The Educational Environment is Warming Up: Response to Changes in a Component of a Medical CurriculumMedical Science EducatorMedical Education2021 Paper Url
The effects of pediatric primary prevention programs on screen-time and reading habits of children in JordanInternational Journal of Child Care and Education PolicyPediatrics Primary Care2021 Paper Url
Histopathological Review of 1510 Appendices Removed for Acute Appendicitis in a Teaching Hospital in Jordan: A Retrospective AnalysisSurgery Gastroenterology and OncologyGeneral Surgery2021 Paper Url
Family readiness for evidence-based injury prevention and car seat safety in JordanInternational Journal of Injury Control and Safety PromotionPrimary prevention. Pediatric injury prevention. Car seats.2021 Paper Url
The Attitude of Medical Students towards the Teaching of AnatomyEuropean Journal of AnatomyTeaching Anatomy2020 Paper Url