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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Production of Citric Acid by Aspergillus niger Cultivated in Olive Mill Wastewater Using a Two-Stage Packed Column BioreactorFermentationMicrobial Biotechnology2022 Paper Url
Macronutrients Intake and Risk of Stomach Cancer: Findings from Case- Control StudyNutrientsCancer and Nutrients2022 Paper Url
Molecular Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin- Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Obtained from Human-Skin Samples in IraqBiomedical & Pharmacology Journal,Medical Microbiology2020 Paper Url
Assessment of the in vitro and in vivo activity of atorvastatin against Candida albicansJOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGYMedical Microbiology2019 Paper Url
A New challenge in the academic world: Earning real money and eminence by paper publishing.Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences,Scientific Challenge2015 Paper Url
Isolation, characterization and antimicrobial activity of Streptomyces strains from hot springs areas in the northern part of JordanAfrican Journal of Biotechnology, 12 : 7124-7132.Bacteriology2012 Paper Url
Changing Epidemiology of Classical and Emerging Human Fungal Pathogens: A ReviewJordan Journal of Biological Sciences,Medical Mycology2012 Paper Url
Seasonal variation of fungal spore populations in the atmosphere of Zarqa area, JordanAerobiologia, 26: 263-276.Mycology2010 Paper Url
Assessment of airborne pathogens in healthcare settingsAfrican Journal of Microbiology ResearchMedical Microbiology2009 Paper Url
Investigation of Helicobacter pylori infection in Jordanian patients using Six enzyme immunoassays for immunoglobulin G (IgG) and IgA testingRomanian Archives of Microbiology and ImmunologyMicrobiology and Immunology2009 Paper Url
Biodegradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol originating from pharmaceutical industriesAfrican Journal of BiotechnologyBiotechnology2009 Paper Url
Clonotypic analysis of vaginal T lymphocytes during experimental vaginal candidiasis in the murine systemExperimental and Clinical Sciences ( EXCLI),Medical Mycology and Immunology2009 Paper Url
Fungicidal effects of some derivatives of 2- ferrocenyl benzimidazoles: a possible template for antifungal drug design.Journal of Medical SciencesBiology- chemistry2008 Paper Url
Patterns of Expression of Vaginal T Cell Activation Markers During Estrogen- Maintained Vaginal Candidiasis.Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology,Medical Mycology and Immunology2008 Paper Url
Disinfecting contaminated water with natural solar radiation utilizing a disinfection solar reactor in a semi-arid regionJordan Journal of Biological Sciences,Bacteriology2008 Paper Url
Modeling the biodegradation efficiency and growth of Pseudomonas alcaligenes utilizing 2, 4- dichlorophenol as a carbon source Pre- and Post-exposure to UV radiationJordan Journal of Biological Sciences,Bacteriology2008 Paper Url
Epsilometer Test- Based Determination of Suceptibility of Clinically Important Candida Isolates to Conventional Antifungal AgentsJournal of Medical SciencesMedical Mycology2007 Paper Url
Influence of Various Ultraviolet Light Intensities on Pathogenic Determinants of Candida albicans.BiotechnologyMedical Mycology2007 Paper Url
Utility of the estrogen- dependent vaginal candidosis murine model in evaluating the efficacy of various therapies against vaginal C. albicans infectionMycosesMedical Mycology2006 Paper Url
Prevalence of Oral Candida Infections in Diabetic PatientsBahrain Medical BulletinMedical Mycology2006 Paper Url
The Influence of Dietary Carbohydrates on in vitro Adherence of Four Candida species to Human Buccal Epithelial Cells.Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease Medical Mycology2005 Paper Url
A Rapid PCR-Based Method for Identification of Four Important Candida species.New MicrobiologicaMedical Mycology2005 Paper Url
Isolation and Characterization of Candida spp. in Jordanian Cancer Patients: Prevalence, Pathogenic Determinants and Antifungal Sensitivity.Japanese Journal of Infectious DiseasesMedical Mycology2004 Paper Url
Vaginal candidosis induces a systemic acute phase reactant protein-dependent iron-restrictive environment that limits dissemination of the infection12 International Congress in Immunology- ProceedingFungal Immunology2004 Paper Url
Estrogen –dependent induction of persistent vaginal Candidosis in naïve mice. MycosesFungal Immunology2004 Paper Url
Maternal and Cord Blood Serum Levels of Zinc, Copper, and Iron in Healthy Pregnant Jordanian women.Journal of Trace Elements in Experimental MedicineBiochemistry, Medical Mycology2004 Paper Url
Vaginal T lymphocyte population kinetics during experimental vaginal candidosis: evidence for a possible role of CD8Clin Exp ImmunolMycology and Immunology2003 Paper Url
Persistent colonization and transient suppression of DTH responses in an estrogen-dependent vaginal candidosis murine modelMicrobiologicaFungal Immunology2002 Paper Url
Characterization of phenotype- based pathogenic determinants of various Candida albicans strains in Jordan.Japanese Journal of Infectious DiseaseMedical Mycology2001 Paper Url
Increased incidence of vulvovaginal candidiasis caused by Candida glabrata in JordanJapanese Journal of Infectious DiseasesMedical Mycology2001 Paper Url
Effects of date extract on adhesion of Candida species to human buccal epithelial cells in vitro.Journal of Oral Pathology and MedicineMwdical Mycology2000 Paper Url
Candida albicans strain differentiation in complete denture wearersMicrobiologicaMedical Mycology2000 Paper Url
Antibiotic resistance of bacteria isolates from urine specimens in Amman. Jordan Medical JournalBacteriology2000 Paper Url
Prevalence of dermatophytoses in the Zarqa district of Jordan. MycopathologiaMedical Mycology1999 Paper Url
Incidence and distribution of Candida species isolated from human skin in JordanMycosesMedical Mycology1999 Paper Url
Effects of chlorhexidine on the lipid and sterol composition of Candida albicans. MycopathologiaMedical Mycology1998 Paper Url
Effect of aqueous extract of Catha edulis (Khat) on the adherence of Candida species to human buccal epithelial cells in vitro.Alexandria Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Medical Mycology1998 Paper Url
The Prevalence of Candida albicans populations in the mouths of complete denture wearers. MicrobiologicaMedical Mycology1998 Paper Url
Ultrastructural effects of date extract on Candida albicans. MycopathologiaMedical Mycology1998 Paper Url
Prevalence and susceptibility of vaginal yeasts isolates in Jordan.MycosesMedical Mycology1997 Paper Url
Microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products used at homes in Amman-Jordan.Zagazig Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical Microbiology1995 Paper Url
Sub-inhibitory concentration of octenidine and pirtenidine: Influence on the lipid and sterol contents of Candida albicans. ChemotherapyMedical Mycology1992 Paper Url
Protection against Candida albicans gastrointestinal colonization and dissemination by saccharides in experimental animals. MicrobiosMedical Mycology1991 Paper Url
Combinations of antifungal and antineoplastic drugs with interactive effects on inhibition of yeast growthChemotherapyMedical Mycology1990 Paper Url
Effects of octenidine and pirtenidine on adhesion of Candida spp. to human buccal epithelial cells in VitroArchives of Oral BiologyMedical Mycology1990 Paper Url
Pathogenicity determinants of Candida. A ReviewMycosesMedical Mycology1990 Paper Url
Antimycotic effects of octenidine and pirtenidine.Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 25:237-245.Medical Mycology1990 Paper Url
Effects of sub-inhibitory concentrations of antifungal agents on adherence of Candida spp. to buccal epithelial cell in Vitro. MycosesMedical Mycology1989 Paper Url
Antimicrobial activity of some 2-aminopyrimidinesMicrobiosAntimicrobial Activity1989 Paper Url
Growth and lipid composition of some dematiaceous hyphomycetes fungi grown at different salinitiesJournal of Journal MicrobiologyPhycology, Lipidology1989 Paper Url
Interactive Effects of Antifungal and Antineoplastic Agents on Yeasts Commonly Prevalent in Cancer PatientsAntimicrobial Agents and ChemotherapyMycology1989 Paper Url
Effect of antineoplastic agents and X-irradiation on the adherence of Candida spp. to human buccal epithelial cellsMycopathologiaMedical Mycology1988 Paper Url
Correlative changes of growth, pigmentation and lipid composition of Dunaliella salina in response to halostress. Journal of Journal MicrobiologyPhycology, Lipidology1987 Paper Url
Blocking the adherence of Candida albicans to buccal cells by yeast and mycelial glycolipids and total lipids from the epithelial cells.MykosesMedical Mycology1987 Paper Url
Effect of growth of Candida spp. in the presence of various glucocorticoids on the adherence to human buccal epithelial cells.MycopathologiaBiology1987 Paper Url
Experimental evidence for the role of lipids in adherence of Candida spp. to human buccal epithelial cellsInfection and Immunity Medical Mycology1986 Paper Url
Growth of Candida albicans in dexamethasone-supplemented mediaSabouraudia Medical Mycology1985 Paper Url
Correlative relationship between proteinase production adherence and pathogenicity of various strains of Candida albicans.Journal of Medical and Veterinary MycologyBiology1985 Paper Url