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Research TitleMAG. TITLERESEARCH AREAPUBLISH YEARPaper/AbstractPaper/Weblink
Homology modelling, molecular dynamics simulation and docking evaluation of ?-tubulin of Schistosoma mansoniBiophysical Chemistryprotein modeling, ligand docking, molecular dynamics simulation2021 View Paper Paper Url
In vitro efficacy of new synthetic benzimidazole-related compounds against Schistosoma mansoni adult wormsAsian Pacific Journal of Tropical MedicineParasitology, antischistosomal drugs2020 View Paper Paper Url
New North American paratenic hosts of Anguillicola crassus and molecularly-inferred source of invasionAquatic InvasionsCOI, nLSU, 28S, barcoding gap, SNP, phylogenetic tree2018 View Paper Paper Url
Range expansion and molecular confirmation of the Asian fish tapeworm in the lower Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River with notes on infections in baitfishJournal of Great Lakes ResearchFreshwater fish Cestode parasite Invasive species Schyzocotyle acheilognathi Bait-fishes2016 View Paper Paper Url
A Novel G Protein-Coupled Receptor of Schistosoma mansoni (SmGPR-3) Is Activated by Dopamine and Is Widely Expressed in the Nervous SystemPLoS Neglected Tropical DiseasesG Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR) Schistosoma mansoni, SmGPR-3, Dopamine2012 View Paper Paper Url
Histamine signalling in Schistosoma mansoni: Immunolocalisation and characterisation of a new histamine-responsive receptor (SmGPR-2)International Journal for ParasitologyHistamine, Schistosoma mansoni, receptors, G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)2010 View Paper Paper Url
Identification of an Ascaris G protein-coupled acetylcholine receptor with atypical muscarinic pharmacologyInternational Journal for ParasitologyAccepted 2 March 2009 Keywords: Nematode G protein-coupled receptor, Acetylcholine, Ascaris, Yeast2009 View Paper Paper Url
Developmental expression analysis and immunolocalization of a biogenic amine receptor in Schistosoma mansoniExperimental ParasitologySchistosoma mansoni Histamine G-protein coupled receptors, Biogenic amines, Neurotransmitter2009 View Paper Paper Url
The 26S proteasome in Schistosoma mansoni: Bioinformatics analysis, developmental expression, and RNA interference (RNAi) studiesExperimental ParasitologyProteasome, Schistosoma, POH1, Real-time PCR, RNAi2007 View Paper Paper Url
Classical transmitters and their receptors in flatwormsParasitologyNeuromusculatures, drug targets, Serotonin,Histamine, Flatworms2005 View Paper Paper Url
Diagnosis of canine echinococcosis: comparison of coproantigen detection with necropsy in stray dogs and red foxes from northern JordanParasiteEchinococcus granulosus, echinococcosis, coproantigens2000 View Paper Paper Url
Prevalence of intestinal helminths of dogs and foxes from JordanParasitology ResearchIntestinal helminths, Parasitology, Dog worms1999 View Paper Paper Url