Published Researchs

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Utilization of Complex Clay Deposits for Geopolymer ProductionGongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Sciencegeopolymerization of common clay deposits2023  Visit URL
Vulnerability of Ibn Hammad Dam Site, Dead Sea Area, Jordan: Structural, Paleostress and Seismicity InvestigationsAdvanced Engineering ScienceStructural Geology and Tectonics2023  Visit URL
Synthesis and Characterization of Faujasite-Type Zeolite from Kaolin Clay from JordanKongzhi yu Juece/Control and DecisionMaterial Science2023  Visit URL
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Geochemistry and mineralogy of oil shale from Attarat Umm Ghudran area, JordanGongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering ScienceGeochemistry2023  Visit URL
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Potential use of alkali activated clay from common deposit for removal of methylene blue dyeArabian Journal of Geosciencesgeopolymerization of clay , waste water treatment2022  Visit URL
Removal of Cadmium, Copper, and Lead From Water Using Bio-Sorbent From Treated Olive Mill Solid Residue Environmental Health InsightsEnvironmental chemistry2021  Visit URL
Study of Jordanian Porcelanite and Its Adsorption behavior on 3, 5-Dimethyle Phenol from Aqueous SolutionResearch Journal of Chemistry and EnvironmentEnvironmental Geochemistry2020  Visit URL
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