Published Researchs

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School-based practicum and pre-service teachers self-efficacy: Impact and challengesInternational Journal of Education and PracticeEducation2023  Visit URL
The Impact of a Group Counseling Program on a Sample of Bereaved Refugee Adolescents in Jordanian SchoolsInternational Journal of Instructioncounseling2023  Visit URL
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An Approach to Assist Dyslexia in Reading Issue: An Experimental StudyPrzestrzen spoleczna (social space)United Kingdom2022  Visit URL
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أثر برنامج إرشادي نفسي في تعديل الأفكار السلبية لدى الشباب المتأخرين عن سن الزواجمجلة الدراسات التربوية والنفسيةcounseling2012  Visit URL