Published Books

Book TitleBook Research AreaYearCoverBook Link
Immunity and Immunotherapy of Human Fungal Infections.Fungal Immunology2011 Visit Url
Antifungal Compounds for Use in Human Therapy, Medical Mycology2011 Visit Url
Immunotherapy: Activation, Suppression and Treatments. Fungal Immunology2010 Visit Url
New Insights in Medical MycologyMedical Mycology2007 Visit Url
الأمراض الفطرية و الصحة العامة Medical Microbiology2006 Visit Url
Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular TechniquesMedical Mycology2006 Visit Url
Fungi: Biology and ApplicationsMedical Mycology2005 Visit Url
Adherence of Candida albicans: Influencing factors and machanism(s)Medical Mycology1991 Visit Url