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Name : Mousa S. Mohsen
Rank : Professor
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E-Mail : msmohsen@hu.edu.jo
Major : Mecganical Engineering

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Welcome to my home page! I am a professor in the Department of  Mechanical Engineering at the Hashemite University. For the last two decades, my research, teaching and consulting has devoted to participate in solving my country's (Jordan) main challenge, which is the scarcity of energy and water. In addition to shortage of fresh water resources, Jordan is suffering from shortages in conventional energy sources such as petroleum and natural gas. The limited energy sources in Jordan makes considering renewable energy options such as solar, wind, and hydropower very attractive. I was involved in many research projects that address this important and vital issue. These projects include new type of solar water heating system, potentials of wind and solar energy development for water desalination, industrial wastewater reuse, energy savings in industry and residential buildings, utilizing oil shales, green house and gas emissions, and non-conventional water resources. Throughout these years, I’ve authored or co-authored over fifty technical papers, which explore these subjects in depth.

Since I do believe that science is a universal language, common to all, irrespective of their political, philosophical or religious beliefs, I am heavily involved in International and Regional activities; I am taking a role in the Sharing Knowledge Foundation that is located in Geneva, Euro-Med activities, International Association for Sharing Knowledge and Sustainability, and the Frontiers of Science and Engineering in the Middle East Symposium which is organized by the National Science Academy of the USA. I enjoy assisting in transformation at personal, organisational and regional levels through collaborative qualities that nurture and enhance human capability and energy. Living deeply emerges through the spirit, the life force, of sustenance........

To My Dear Students

I am looking forward to working with you and hope that you will find my courses both enjoyable and informative. In my courses I will help you to acquire a feel for the engineering way of thinking. The courses I usually teach are introductory courses in engineering sciences and design,  they are designed  to provide you with the basic concepts and methods of engineering analysis and design. Accordingly, all the application problems are borrowed from real engineering problems. 

This Web site is created for you. No one needs to be ashamed of what he or she does not know or how long it takes to master new information. Learning on the Web can be nonjudgmental and self-paced. Using advantages of this technology to expand learning opportunities is particularly crucial because we live in a time when learning is becoming a necessity not a luxury.


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The DSR is mainly concerned with promoting and supervising research activities at HU. Scientific research is facing major challenges and constraints, which mandate creating appropriate research environment, effective management protocols, and updated legislations and regulations. As the progress in scientific research necessitates continuous development of supplies and equipment, the Deanship provides financial support to enable researchers to conduct research. The university allocates annually at least 3% of its budget to support scientific research proposals that focus on the needs and priorities of public and private sectors and contribute in solving problems of local communities.

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