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Name : Ahmad M.F. Al-Khasawneh
Rank : Professor
Office : IT 230
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E-Mail : akhasawneh@hu.edu.jo
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My Administrative Philosophy:

A perfect work environment is one that is professional and democratic. A good administrator is one that is able to maintain close ties with his/her staff, while at the same time capable of representing them well up the chain of command. An effective administrator has to have a clear vision of the unit’s future. More importantly he/she should be able to get others to believe in that vision. I strongly believe that the way to make visions realities is through teamwork. A successful administrator is therefore a good listener and a courageous impartial decision maker.
My Research Philosophy:

The many years of experience got me to recognize that research requires clear understanding of a research problem, providing the means for solving the problem, setting procedure for accomplishing the solution, and defining evaluation criteria to assess the produced solution. It is also critical for me to keep myself updated on similar research, and to identify the weaknesses and strengths of related industrial products.
My Teaching Philosophy:

The many years of experience got me to recognize that people learn better when motivated by a higher internal reason rather than by a “higher grade.” Hands-on teaching motivates students as they get to see and experience things rather than memorizing formulas and definitions. When students become motivated, they become active learners, and the instructor becomes just another resource in the students’ quest for learning. My teaching philosophy is focused on maintaining and promoting an active learning environment in the classroom.


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The DSR is mainly concerned with promoting and supervising research activities at HU. Scientific research is facing major challenges and constraints, which mandate creating appropriate research environment, effective management protocols, and updated legislations and regulations. As the progress in scientific research necessitates continuous development of supplies and equipment, the Deanship provides financial support to enable researchers to conduct research. The university allocates annually at least 3% of its budget to support scientific research proposals that focus on the needs and priorities of public and private sectors and contribute in solving problems of local communities.

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