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Name : Katherine Charlotte Miles
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
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E-Mail : katemiles@doctors.org.uk
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Dr Katherine Miles is a British medical doctor working as a lecturer in Clinical Communication and Clinical Skills at the Hashemite University Faculty of Medicine. She developed the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Skills curriculum and is the former Director of the Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center. With a specialization in Medical Education, she has a keen interest to improve the standard of teaching and learning of medicine. Dr Miles is the Lead for the iBMS-JO Advanced Medical Education and Ethics Module. Her research interests include advancements and innovation in medical education; methods for effective clinical communication; and cultural competency.

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The DSR is mainly concerned with promoting and supervising research activities at HU. Scientific research is facing major challenges and constraints, which mandate creating appropriate research environment, effective management protocols, and updated legislations and regulations. As the progress in scientific research necessitates continuous development of supplies and equipment, the Deanship provides financial support to enable researchers to conduct research. The university allocates annually at least 3% of its budget to support scientific research proposals that focus on the needs and priorities of public and private sectors and contribute in solving problems of local communities.

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